"People are always good company when they are doing what they really enjoy." Samuel Butler (1835-1902)

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Filip Morávek
Easy Software Ltd.
Filip Morávek

Leader. Believer. Founder. My passion lies in establishing a great team with purpose and resources for growth. Here at Easy, we try to create people-centered environment for professionals who work hard to create the world's best project management system. My duties and also pleasures are strategy, people and finance and development of worldwide server infrastructure with our DevOps. Nevertheless, I am always ready to help with any problem of our customer, worker or supplier.

Ondřej Šťovíček
Ondřej Šťovíček

I see Easy Project not just as another software, but as the solution that will help people to handle complexities of everyday duties with comfort and ease. It incorporates the best PM methodologies and techniques with knowledge base and templates in the Easy to use interface, thus creating satisfied users.   

Jaroslav Lizner
Sales Director
Easy Project - Jaroslav Lizner

We, at sales of Easy Project, believe that the best salesman is  an adviser and an expert in subject matter. Every day we learn about our product, how it can be helpful in improvement of management and organization of processes in various organization and keep our eye on the latest trends. Our department motto is: We understand! We advise! We win!

Robert Kováčik
Head of Support
Robert Kováčik

We are a team of highly advanced experts who know Easy Project from top to bottom, left to right, including the seemingly paranormal. Our fulfillment is to provide customers with solutions to every issue and to actively reciprocate by providing as much accessible documentation, including online Knowledge base, video tutorials and technical documentation. Every contact with a customer helps us improve our software and become a reliable partner for all our users.

Stáňa Šálková Nechvílová
Head of Implementation
Stáňa Šálková Nechvílová

We carefully listen to our clients and have learned to read between the lines to correctly understand the needs and fully utilize our knowledge from hundreds of implementations. For us, effective time management is not just our implementation approach, but also a key requirement to clients' use of Easy Project. No implementation nor client is the same and we are proud to say that we are capable of adjusting our software to become YOUR software. 

Lucie Weissgärberová
Back Office Manager
Lucie Weissgärberová

Our main job is to take care of our colleagues and provide the best working environment for them. We also help to prepare documentation and reports, making sure you receive everything in order and on time. In addition, we help you to resolve any administrative, purchase and invoicing issues, to make this process flawless, and we do all of that with a smile on our faces.

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