Project Management Software – Which One to Choose

With so many different project management tools out there, doing research on which one is the best for you, may get a bit overwhelming. No need to stress out though. We got your back and we did the homework on your behalf! Check the pros and cons of the most popular project management software.

Project Management Software – Which One to Choose


How can this little overview help you?


  1. you do not use any project management software yet, and you are looking to start from scratch,

  2. you are a Jira Server Customer and you are looking for a new solution due to the announcement of the end of life of Jira Server.


Before you check our comparison and get the overview, make sure you know what exactly you are looking for. Answering these two questions might help:


  1. What features do you use on daily basis?

  2. Which features are a must-have for your project management?



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Now, if you are ready, let's see which project management software suits your business the most. We compared the most popular ones from these four angles:


  1. available functions

  2. supported platforms

  3. main advantages

  4. main disadvantages


Comparison of project management software

Comparison of project management software


If all you are looking for is just a simple way to track tasks in a form of a Kanban Board, then you have plenty of tools to choose from. Chance is that you see an ad for a new tool like that pretty much every week popping up on your Facebook. Wrike or Monday might be the tool for you.


If you are looking for a professional, more in-depth project management tool where you can manage the flow of your whole company, you should consider Easy Project. Easy Project 10 offers the best project management tools in one application. It is based on WBS, Gantt, SCRUM, Kanban, and other popular and proven PM practices. Plus, it is extensible with modules for Resources, Finances, Help Desk, Business Intelligence, and DevOps toolset.


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Author: Anna Ogunnusi


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