Stay on a Current On-Premise Solution, or Leave? 6 Things to Take Into Consideration

Since Atlassian has announced the end-of-life timeline for Jira Server, many of you are now to decide on what to do next. Stay on your current on-premise solution, or migrate to a new one? Learn about the top 6 things that help you to make a good decision.

Stay on a Current On-Premise Solution, or Leave? 6 Things to Take Into Consideration


1. Familiar Environment


People love habits. Having to learn and master something new is not what we like. Switching to a different interface can be a bit painful and bring some challenges – especially when your whole team is working with the software. Sticking to what we know is just more comfortable.


2. Money spent


If you are a corporation with many users on Jira, you have probably had spent a lot of money on this solution already. If taking up the Jira Datacentre solution – that costs over 40,000 USD – is not an issue for your company, then there is no reason to change it.


3. Easy Migration to Cloud


No data security guidelines requiring a server solution at all cost for your company? In that case, you can just simply migrate from Jira Server to Jira Cloud without a need to look for another server solution.



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4. The Need to Stay on Server


Due to data protection, some companies have special guidelines which require data to be placed on a Server rather than a Cloud. But as already mentioned, switching to Jira Datacentre would cost you about 40,000 USD annually. So, what if you're not big enough to afford it, and still need to remain on a server?


You don't have that many options but at least it makes your decision process easier. One of your options is Easy Project. Their team has experience migrating data from Jira, plus they offer server solutions. Easy Project team will provide a (free) analysis of your needs and the migration – and accommodate your requirements. Quite a good option, don’t you think?


5. Looking for better support


If you ever needed help from Jira, you might have found it's not that easy to get some. Talking to a robot on their website (and other support from Jira partners) makes the conversation ineffective. In the end, it can take days for you to find the answer to your question.


Spending money on software, you would expect to get the best customer service to go with it, right? And that’s why Easy Project comes up with its dedicated Support Team. You can reach them quickly and via various channels – chat, phone, email, etc. – no matter what your issue is.


6. The Need for a Better Solution Opportunity


Having been on the Jira server for years, you probably did not need to “shop” around and see what the market has got to offer. While migrating to another server, you may find that other server solutions simply offer more. For example, why not managing your resources or finances in the same place as your projects? Migrate to Easy Project all-in-one Server Solution and make your company’s workflow even more efficient.


Hope these few points will help you in your decision-making process. Good luck with your projects!


Author: Anna Ogunnusi


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