How to manage client requirements in Easy Project

Well-managed customer requirements are a necessity for well-implemented projects. There is no doubt about that. Luckily, you don't need to look for another tool when you already have Easy Project.

Requirements management in Easy Project

Requirements module can be activated on any particular project and is based on several key phases such as collecting, analyzing, refining and prioritizing product requirements. By applying the system of these phases into practice, you will be able to easily monitor and evaluate new requirements in different industries, efficiently process changes and above all, have a clear overview of the work done in regard of the client's requirements.

Extend your waterfall with V-model

One of the great examples of practical use is the ISO 26262 or Automotive Spice standards. These represent the basic milestones of professional quality, for example when it comes to a car vehicle design or its part. These standards require a specific and proven connecting element between the requirements of the customer and the final product. In fact, a diagram called V-model is visually designed to achieve the desired traceability not only between the implementation tasks and requirements but also the other subjects of the project life cycle.

Easy Project 2019 - Requirements management - V-model

Easy Project 2019 - Requirements management - V-model

To meet those standards quickly and efficiently, you just need Easy Project and one of its extensible plugins. Using the plugin called “Requirements”, you can define the requirements and their security risks in detail by categorizing them according to ASIL level (A-D), linking them to the implementation tasks, and tracking the current status of the tasks. This in-depth view can also be directly available to the end customer whose cloud only watches the current status of the project with respect to the defined requirements.

Easy Project 2019 - Requirements management - requirement overview

Easy Project 2019 - Requirements management - requirement overview

Moreover, there are even more plugins in Easy Project preconfigured to fully support the ISO 26262 or Automotive Spice based on V-model phases that have been successfully implemented as a toolkit for many clients.

Easy Project

ISO26262/Automotive spice phase based on V-model

Requirements Specification of safety requirements
Integration with repositories
(ex. SVN, GIT) + Agile board
Unit Implementation
Integration with
Continuous integration (ex. Jenkins)
Automated Unit testing
Test cases Integration testing + Verification of safety requirements


Author: Petr Vávra, Lukáš Beňa

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