Easy Project is public on Zapier!

If you need to connect Easy Project with more than 1000 apps, Zapier platform is the best solution for you. Right now Easy Project is the public app on Zapier so you are able to self-integrate with our templates or create your own integrations.

Easy Project is public on Zapier

Zapier and Zap

Zapier is a platform connecting the API of most used apps and allows transfer data from one app to another. You can easily set up automated integration called Zap, which is a simple connection between two apps made of a trigger and an action. When Zap is running and the trigger event happens in one app, Zapier automatically makes the action event in another app. More information about Easy Project triggers and actions find on our Zapier app page.

Zap integration examples

easyproject zapier integration workflows

Self-integration with templates

Easy Project is Zapier public app so you are able to set-up Zap integrations by yourself. Just sign up the account on Zapier and create your own Zaps or use our Zap templates. More Zap templates find on our Zapier app page.



Zapier integration benefits

Thanks to Zapier integration you are able to connect your apps with Easy Project without further development for a particular integration of each app, everything is connected and handled by Zapier. Of course, automation of boring and manual workflows between apps help your team save time and make their work more effective.

More information about Zapier integration read this article.


Author: Jan Pavera


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