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Best project management tools
Les meilleurs outils de gestion de projets

Gantt, WBS, Earned Value, Kanban, SCRUM, Resources. Tous ces outils, et bien d’autres encore, y sont intégrés pour vous faciliter la gestion de vos projets.

Best project management tools
Facile à utiliser

Vous allez pouvoir définir automatiquement et en un seul clic autorisations, workflows, jusqu’à 15 rôles et tableaux de bord prédéfinis et adaptés à tout type d’entreprises.

Project management in cloud or server
Accès rapide

La possibilité d’accéder à des centres de données répartis dans le monde entier ou des solutions locales sur vos propres serveurs garantit des réponses de premier niveau n’importe où que vous soyez.

Project management in mobile
Portabilité à 100 %

La possibilité de gérer vos projets à partir de n’importe quel appareil mobile où que vous soyez. Une solution alliant indépendance et efficacité maximale.


What's new?

  • New Lite version – the quickest & easiest start to professional project management. Just 2 predefined roles help you to start really fast and it's ready to grow with your projects when you are ready.

  • Business Intelligence - It's not just a fancy word nowadays. BI brings all key data, metrics and KPIs about your projects & business on a single well-arranged screen. One look and you get all important insights you need to make the right decision.

  • Scheduler – it's basically a calendar, but rethinked and improved. Scheduler gives you control over your tasks, meetings, attendance, CRM cases, sales activities and resources on a single calendar screen. Great for all company levels – managers use it to distribute work to the whole team and workers manage their daily agenda.

  • Cost Breakdown Structure – the easiest way to manage project finances visually. Just display your projects costs, revenues, profits (both in plan and reality) in a visual mind map. 

  • Resource Management reservations – the feature that has been the most wanted by our users. Create a reservation of resources using drag and drop without assigning to a specific task or project.

  • Agile improvements – intuitive dragging & dropping in a Scrum board and more updates based on users feedback.





RTL Radio utilise Easy Project pour gérer le Help Desk, les ressources, la présence et bien sûr, tous ses projets technologiques et travaux sur des logiciels. Nous aimons la complexité permettant d’utiliser un logiciel tout-en-un, c’est fabuleux.

Easy Project Client -  Timo Muller
Timo Muller
Chef des Informations
RTL Radio Deutschland GmbH

Pourquoi les utilisateurs choisissent Easy Project



56 %


travail de groupe

75 %


de temps

32 %



81 %


des ressources

57 %


Fondé sur une étude de plus de 40 000 utilisateurs d'Easy Project.


Detailed specification of Easy Project 2019 update

Easy Project Lite version

Do you want to start managing your projects in no time?
Don't want to waste your time with settings?
Great, Lite version is the right think for you.

2 predefined roles help you to start fast and easy. 15 more predefined prepared for you when you are ready.

Lite version let you start fast, but you will be ready to add more advanced features as your team grows – in no time.

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Easy Project 2019 - Resource Management Reservations 


All tasks, meetings, attendance, CRM cases, sales activities and resources on a single well-arranged calendar screen. Plus all entities can be easily distributed and edited with a drag & drop feature.

It makes daily working much easier for both workers and managers. Managers can use it as a tool for task allocation of teams and subordinates. Regular workers will benefit by using Scheduler to manage their own tasks and other entities.

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Easy Project 2019 - Scheduler 

Business Intelligence

BI brings you important insights and overviews of your projects and company performance. Therefore it will be easier to make decisions that are based on real data.

The most important ROI in a particular business segment can be viewed by product / project / country. Total number is calculated based on:

  • incomes & revenues (invoicing)
  • project earnings
  • project costs
  • personal costs (spent time X hourly rates)
  • other costs
  • CRM data
  • campaign cost (Google Adwords connection)

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Easy Project 2019 - Business Intelligence 

Cost Breakdown Structure = CBS

You can call it Visual finance management too. CBS is now an integrated part of our existing Work Breakdown Structure feature. You can see & manage projects and tasks finances right from a mind map view. Just display your projects costs, revenues, profit.

Plus you can continuously compare the actual costs with the budget, and integrate to the cost control system.

On top of that, you can create new entries easily right in the mind map.

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Easy Project 2019 - Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) 

Agile improvements


  • New quick planner – create new tasks simply right from backlog
  • A search function available right from backlog
  • Smart sprint control – automatic comparison of planned time versus resource capacity
  • Intuitive drag & drop function in a Scrum Board


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Easy Project 2019 – Agile improvements 

Resource Management Reservations

Custom reservations without assigning a specific task or project. Just by using drag and drop you can plan your (or your team) time – easy, simple and quick.

This feature has been developed as the most wanted one based on users feedback – plan and utilize your resources like never before.

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Easy Project 2019 - Resource Management Reservations 

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