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Gantt, WBS, Earned Value, Kanban, SCRUM, Resources, and more — all integrated and working for you and your team.

Best project management tools
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Automatically set up permissions and workflows on one click. 15 predefined roles & dashboards suitable for all businesses.

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Data centers placed all over the world and solutions for your own server guarantee first level responses anywhere.

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What's new?

New features

  • GDPR compliance – ready for European regulation known as General Data Protection Regulation
  • Zoom Video Meetings accessible in two clicks (= personal virtual meeting room where you can meet anybody)
  • Global Roles setting – 15 predefined roles & dashboards suitable for all businesses
  • Onboarding Zone integrated into app - let your users onboard easily
  • Improved localization - except original English you can now use Easy Project in German, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian
  • New free mobile app for iOS and Android and improved mobile design (access to all features on the go)

New plugins





RTL Radio uses Easy Project to maintain a Help Desk, resources, attendance, and of course all its IT and software projects. We like the complexity - using an all-in-one solution is just wonderful.

Easy Project Client -  Timo Muller
Timo Muller
Chief Information Officer
RTL Radio Deutschland GmbH

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100% GDPR compliance

Easy Software takes personal data protection seriously. European regulation known as general Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brings a number of challenges to all organizations and became one of the most resonated business topics.

Our mission is to provide Easy Project clients and basically all Project community with a reliable software which allows fulfilling all duties of Data Processors efficiently. Easy Project is 100% GDPR-ready from version 1.3 (May 2018).


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Detailed specification of Easy Project 10.1.2 update

Video meetings accessible in two clicks

Thanks to Zoom integration you can easily create and plan audio & video conferences directly in your Easy Project. Simply add a video meeting to the calendar, invite users to one on one meeting via chat or create meetings directly on task, contact or CRM case.

The feature article

Easy Project 10 - Zoom 

Org structures visualization

Organization structure is a form of a tree hierarchy where every user in the organization, except the top one, is subordinate to a single another user. This arrangement helps define how activities such as task allocation, coordination, and supervision are standardly directed toward the achievement of organizational aims. It also determines who is eligible to approve vacation requests submitted by users.

The feature article

Easy Project 10 - Org structures visualization 

Global roles by user types

Each user type might have a predefined default role, thus eliminating the need to assign a role to newly created users of specific user types. For the sake of simplicity, default user roles are structured into 4 basic levels of common roles in an organization. When you invite new users to the system, you may assign him a specific role already before you send the invitation. For each user type, a customized personal dashboard is available for immediate use.

The feature article

Easy Project 10 – User types and Permissions

Inline manuals

Going through the Easy Project user environment is now much easier and quicker to learn than ever before. It is thanks to inline manuals that show you useful tips right in the application, suggesting steps to follow and providing you with an explanation of individual features. Inline manuals can be found under the "Onboarding zone" button at the screen bottom. Try out immediately in the 30-day trial version.

Easy Project 10 - Inline manuals

Business dashboards plugin

Business dashboards consist of three main features - global filters above dashboards, graphs and charts with click-through functionality, and trends. With global filters, a user can apply a filter to all or just selected modules on a personalized page together in just two clicks. Graphs and charts can be configured to show a specific page (dimension) upon a click on the chart values. Moreover, trends give you real-time values and trends overview just after one glance on a dashboard.

The feature article

Easy Project 10 – Business dashboards 

Improved language files & enumerations

Language files & enumerations have been vastly improved in overall quality. These include English, German, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian.


Easy Project 10 - Improved localization

Free native mobile app – access to all features on the go

Mobile application for your Easy Project allows you to handle urgent tasks on the go! Open the app to quickly check your meeting calendar, check team performances on set KPIs, log time, update tasks and more. Easy Project mobile application is key for on the go project management.

The feature article

Easy Project 10 - Free mobile app

Requirements plugin

Requirements management is useful for technically sophisticated projects where lots of small components and details build a big and impressive product (like a car or a piece of machinery). Simply create artifacts, which represent basic attributes in the requirements tree structure. Requirements management is a standalone plugin for Easy Project.

Easy Project 10 - Requirements plugin

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