Answers you can get with Easy Project BI (Business Intelligence) plugin include:

  • Which products, projects or services are the most profitable
  • Which GEO markets are the most profitable
  • Find out the golden segments – geo & product combination
  • Get insights into your Google Ads campaign spendings (formerly AdWords)
  • Reveal current business trends using a comparison with the previous time periods

Business Intelligence

Analyze your business and projects in Easy Project using geo & product & project segmentation of your business information. Get real time business insights using Easy Project Business Dashboards. Connect your personal costs, other costs, revenues, CRM, Google Ads, and other business information into one dashboard.

Key features:

  • Transforms existing business data into actionable knowledge (intelligence)
  • Analyzes data sets stored inside in Easy Project or outside in Google Ads
  • Makes it easy to get real-time business insights using Business Dashboards
  • Analytical findings as reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, and charts
  • For any company that sells more products or services on one or more markets
  • Provides easy geographical and product ROI analysis

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