Working in the modern age requires flexibility and quick adaptation, both of which are easier to achieve with Agile management. Easy Project provides with a solution applicable for any agile methodology, may it be scrum, kanban or mixed. Agile management insures close collaboration of the team and quick adaptation even at late stages of project, to insure client satisfaction. While harnessed in the IT world, Easy Project Agile solution is highly applicable for any client oriented company which strives for efficient delivery of product.

Kanban - Personal & Team boards

Get an overview of work to be done and current status of tasks with personal & team Kanban Boards. Simply implement it on your personal or team dashboard and update and re-assign tasks with drag & drop without leaving your dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Module can be added to any dashboard
  • Drag & drop task update and re-assignment
  • Overview of personal & team tasks

Agile Board for SCRUM, KANBAN

Agile Board displays tasks and gives you a clear and adaptable way of viewing, managing and reporting on work in progress. Choose between SCRUM or KANBAN - to benefit from their unique advantages and features.


Key features:

  • switch between SCRUM and KANBAN frameworks
  • move tasks from project backlog into a sprint
  • drag & drop tasks on a sprint
  • various types of swimlanes
  • create as many sprints as you need
  • quick filtering and searching options
  • manage your sprint on a project level

Burndown Chart for smooth sprint commitment

Perform in-depth analysis of progress patterns for timely sprint completion with Burndown Chart. Compare ideal versus real work remaining, identify working pattern and make sure that sprint commitment is smoothly met


Key features:

  • Chart displaying ideal versus real work remaining
  • Bars displaying number of the remaining and competed tasks

Backlogs for organisation of agile projects

Creation of weekly backlog is easy with Easy Project and will only take couple of minutes. Simply construct Product Backlog using drag & drop from the pool of tasks, and then create weekly Sprint Backlog during your stand-up meeting.

Key Features:

  • Product backlog with pool of tasks
  • Sprint backlog
  • Drag & drop of tasks between backlogs
  • Task filters within backlogs
  • Ordering of tasks by priority

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