Management of team without well integrated and easy to use work management system is practically impossible. Teams without proper communication and performance management are doomed to chaos and inefficiency. With Easy Project you can easily handle this thanks to time and task tracking features, that allow your users to change tasks according to the latest updates. With to task tracking your team will always be aligned, no matter where they are and thanks to personal Kanban board each user can always be aware of tasks that are still need to be completed

Task Tracking for up-to-date projects

Update tasks features according to your permissions, visualize project progress and push tasks through the workflow. Task tracking eliminates the need for status update meetings, since everything can be tracked in Easy Project.

Key features:

  • update of tasks according to workflow and user permissions
  • update of task features such as: tracker, assignee, % done, due date, priority, status, etc
  • task update through inline editing
  • task options such as as move, merge, create sub-task, etc.

Time Tracking for efficiency and planning

Time tracking is key to efficient time management and planning. It allows employees to efficiently utilize their time and managers to monitor spent time and use it as a reference for future project planning. 

Key features:

  • time tracking by projects / tasks / users / activities
  • custom exportable reports
  • time spent sheet by defined period of time
  • easy time logging by workers
  • stopwatch for exact time tracking on tasks
  • calendars for daily time tracking


Checklists can easily increase work organisation, motivation and productivity. They eliminate the possibility of forgetting a step and make delivery of repetitive tasks more efficient and with fewer mistakes. 

Key Features:

  • project level module
  • ability to create templates through administration


Workflows allow you to define, execute and automate business processes, eliminating chaos and coordinating tasks between employees. Easy Project allow you to set task permissions and workflows based on user types.

Key Features: 

Meeting Calendar

Meeting planning can be a tedious process, involving dozens of emails. With Meeting Calendar, you can easily organize personal, team and project meetings, check your colleagues' availability and send  invitations to their emails.

Key features:

  • meeting entries with name, date, time, agenda, project and invitations
  • user availability for meeting planning
  • meeting invitations sent to e-mail with accept/deny
  • recurring meetings
  • integration with other calendars via iCal (Google, OutLook)
  • room booking
  • project meetings calendar

Activity Feed

Activity feed - the fastest way to find out about the latest task updates. It is always accessible on your sidebar, where you can see updated tasks and last comments, thus completely eliminates the need for email notifications.

Key Features:

  • ability to follow tasks in which you are the author, coworker and assignee
  • visualization of the updated tasks with the latest comments
  • always available on the right sidebar

Team Chat

Stay in touch with your colleagues, remote teams and work from home employees. Easy Project offers integrated communication tool - instant chat, always available on the right sidebar. Available in all paid subscription plans.

Key features:

  • accessible from the right sidebar
  • user search
  • user messages for quick communication
  • chat history
  • sound and visual notification

Action Buttons

Cut down the number of steps necessary for a task update. Simply open a list of tasks and drag & drop one to the pre-set Action Button, which can perform any kind of task update, including change of assignee, tracker or priority.

Key Features:

  • task update with drag & drop
  • update of any task features
  • customization and colouring of a button

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