Get an integrated Help Desk solution within your Easy Project. Tickets can be submitted through e-mail or directly into the system via client account and are stored in Help Desk project, with defined SLA, pre-paid hours, etc. Additionally, using Action Buttons you can easily assign tickets to workers using drag & drop.

Help Desk Dashboard

All live operations at Help Desk manager's fingertips. Easily assign tickets to your employees using drag & drop and Action Buttons, keep track of bug resolution and feature development and review assigned to you tasks. 

Key features:

  • Action Buttons
  • Ticket drag & drop
  • Unanswered tickets pool
  • Tickets for Review
  • Agile board for bugs and feature development

Statistics for Help Desk

Get an overview of your support service performance. Help Desk Statistics are customizable, you can view performance by users & status, compare statistics for different time periods, allowing for a cross sectional analysis of performance.


Key features:

  • performance statistics by users, ticket status, etc
  • statistics for different time periods
  • line graphs, bar & pie charts

Help Desk Manager Dashboard

Everything Help Desk manager needs on one dashboard - quickly distribute tickets between workers with Action buttons, update tickets that require your review, keep track of all your meetings and performance of your team.

Key Features:

  • New tickets list
  • Action Buttons for quick ticket assignment
  • Overview of Help Desk Projects 
  • Ticket Review list
  • SLAs performance Charts
  • Meeting Calendar

Help Desk Operator Dashboard

With Help Desk operator's dashboard you can navigate between tickets, keep track of your performance and incorporated Kanban will allow to check your requests to development team for feature development and bug fixing.

Key Features:

  • Lists of new and critical tickets
  • List of tickets that require your attention for review
  • Action button for quick re-assignment of tickets to yourself
  • Gauge for your personal KPI performance 
  • Kanban board tab for tracking feature development and bug fixing

Complex Help Desk Settings

Customize your Help Desk with complex settings. Create email templates for auto-replies, include corporate logos, signatures and more. You can also configure you projects for an automatic ticket assignment and set specific SLAs. 

Key features:

  • definition of SLAs: ordering, resending, email generated
  • Help Desk project set up for all tickets
  • send ticket updates to external emails
  • mail templates
  • header and footer customization 

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