With Easy Cloud we guarantee fast service and secure storage of your data. 

Data centers

Data centers around the globe ensure fast performance and a high level of security.

OVH hosting in Europe & Canada

SOC2 Easy Cloud iso27001 Easy Cloud

Amazon AWS in Asia & South America

SOC3 Easy Cloud iso27001 Easy Cloud


 Data centers all around the world

Easy Cloud


Data protection

  • Data stored on servers in plain format, with the possibility of local encryption of data 
  • Data stored exclusively on the server with strict limited access
  • Non-disclosure agreement and complete data wipe down by server administrators

Recovery plan

In case of any issues, Easy Cloud has a range of recovery plans that, are continuously tested and updated. Recovery plans cover the following issues:

  • Server machine malfunction
  • Application crash
  • Data center malfunction
  • Login credentials leak


Backups stored in various geographical locations to ensure their safety in case of any natural disaster or any other server problem.

Backups created every day and stored for at least three months.

  • Encrypted backup transmission
  • Data stored in different locations
  • Backup creation process and backed up data are not accessible through server for security reasons
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