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Video and audio conferences - Zoom integration

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Zoom integration allows you to easily plan and create video & audio conferences directly in your Easy Project. You can either Meet Now and send an invitation to users in chat, easily create a planned Zoom meeting and send an invitation to email, or create meetings on tasks, contacts or CRM cases.

How to get the feature

Zoom integration is a native feature of Easy Project. However, audio/video meetings are paid per minutes of use and the time must be purchased in the Client zone.

Roles and permissions

An administrator can configure user permissions related to the feature for any user role in Administration » Roles and permissions » select a role » Easy Zoom.

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How to activate the feature

Zoom integration is a global-level feature. You can activate or deactivate it in Administration » Plugins » Easy Zoom integration. Here you also find a "Configure" button allowing to make the initial configuration.

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Here you can set up what kind of sales activity an audio or video meeting is supposed to automatically create in the related CRM case (only if you have CRM plugin installed). In order to configure Zoom account, click on the green "Get API key" button if you haven't any so far.

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You will be automatically redirected to the client zone where you log in using your credentials. Navigate to Video conference options » Settings. Click on the red "Get auth. token" button to create a Zoom account.

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Copy and paste the generated Client ID and Authentication token into your Zoom configuration in Easy Project and save the settings. From that moment, Zoom has been activated in trial mode.

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In trial mode, meeting duration is limited to 5 minutes for testing purposes. For the unlimited duration, purchase meeting minutes by clicking the "Upgrade to Customer" button or navigate to Billing section in the client zone.

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How to use the feature

When Zoom is activated in the customer mode, you should see green "Meet now" button in the Meeting calendar view and meeting calendar module on a personalized page as well.

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Meet Now button will allow you to establish immediate audio/video meeting or plan a future one to the calendar and send an invitation to the requested users.

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My Room button will navigate you to your personal Zoom meeting room where you can wait for others to join.

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Calendar button will just open your meeting calendar where you can also plan a future meeting and invite others.

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To invite a user for an immediate 1:1 meeting, you can do so also via the chat window by clicking on the particular icon in the top right corner.

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You can also create meeting directly from a particular task, contact or CRM case.

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Each realized meeting will automatically create a record in task history (if launched on a task) or sales activity, such as Call, E-mail or Meeting, in a related CRM case (if launched in CRM) as previously defined in the plugin configuration.

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Finally, audio/video minutes usage in total and differentiated by users can be found under More » Meetings statistics.

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