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The key to market success and to staying relevant in highly competitive automotive industry lies in innovation and streamlining of processes and Lear Corporation's Czech branch is not an exception to this rule.

Their pursuit of this goal led them to believe that their processes were lacking more modern approach to project management, their tools were outdated and inefficient.Before Easy Project, management was done fully offline, using multiple non-synced tools, which were only causing chaos and miscommunication.

"For project management, we used standard MS Project but the problem was that we were unable to share information about projects online. In addition, due to the high price of the user license, only few employees had the software. The rest of them used Microsoft Excel. It was impossible to conduct projects in one software, so there was misinformation. The project manager was not able to track the performance of individual tasks and the progress of projects," says Jan.

Jan and his team assessed several options, including online MS Project for all of their employees, however costs of such solution were outweighing its benefits, so they started looking for an alternative solution that better suited theirs needs.

As a results,“We decided for Easy Project which met all of our requirements including reasonable price. The fact that the software is backed by a Czech company, plus a wide range of satisfied customers convinced us that the implementation and support should be smooth“, says Jan.

Automotive parts <br />

Automotive parts

34 Countries <br />
235 Branches

34 Countries
235 Branches

+150.000 employees

+150.000 employees

Lear Corporation with
Easy Project

After careful evaluation of Easy Project, director of Czech branch has approved the investment and Easy Project is now even being considered by the US top management as a solution for all of heir IT projects worldwide. Every Easy Project comes with professional implementation and training of both top management and employees. Lear opted for a server solution, so the whole set up process took around 300 hours.

How are things being managed today with Easy Project?  Lear's company managers have reported increased transparency of performance. They can now easily track the amount of hour worked on each project and evaluate efficiency and performance by visualising data using Easy Project graphs and charts.

Lear Corporation has also recently adopted Resource Mangement module, that allowed them to utilize more efficiently the time of their experts on crucial projects, that required their attention.

In addition to that, employees have given positive feedback to implementation of Easy Project. On daily basis it provides them with easy access to their up-to-date tasks anywhere they were, on any device at any place. Easy Project has significantly cut down miscomunication problem and reduced number of lost or overlooked tasks. According to Jan,"IT processes have become significantly more efficient after implementing Easy Project and the time of the staff is now productively utilized."

The most used Project Management tools by Lear Corporation

Gantt Chart
Gantt Chart

For easy project planning that helped Lear Corporation keep projects on time and easily update schedule when needed.

Resource Management
Resource Management

For efficient utilization of crucial resources on project of strategic importance.


To keep notified about any relevant updates and upcoming deadlines.

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