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Company Become s.r.o. is a dynamic firm focused on enterprise information technologies. We interviewed Robert Zavacký, CEO of this Slovakian company, about the selection process of software for project management and the reason for choosing Easy Project.

What circumstances led you to the fact that you wanted to implement a project management software?

When I joined the company board as the CEO, several separate tools were used, but they didn't cooperate perfectly. So I was looking for a way to comprehensively resolve the project management.

What original tools for project management did you use in the company?

We used rather newer software and applications from "start-up" companies. The problem was that none of these tools didn't cover all our needs as a whole. We also found tools that could comprehensively cope with project management, but we didn't agree with the controls - didn't seem user-friendly to us.

How did the selection process of suitable application look like?

We did a pretty complex research about offers on the market. 8 software solutions were shortlisted. Finally, we decided for Easy Project. 

What eventually convinced you to buy Easy Project?

It was definitely price-quality ratio. We wanted the selected tool to meet all our requirements, but at the same time we didn't want to "overpay" it. We simply wanted quality for a good price Our main requirement was complexity and functionality of the selected solution. Easy Project fulfilled that and its user-friendliness made our decision a lot easier.

Who had the "the final word" while deciding about the purchase of application?

As I said, I was the initiator of the whole process. The owners then made the final decision.

What function of Easy Project do you appreciate the most?

The biggest benefit for us is the coherence of individual modules. Especially in our mobility division, where is "more turbulent" environment, coherence of tools allows us to respond to changing conditions more flexibly. Thanks to Easy Project we can for example re-edit various values and dependencies according to the requirements of agile development of the project. Now we know who is working on what; how long it takes him/her; why he/she doesn't manage something; where we have spare capacity and vice versa. We obtain relevant data with good predicative ability which of course streamlines our projects. Earlier we suffered from time overloading and it didn't have a good effect on the productivity of work. Now the situation has certainly improved mainly thanks to the Resource Management.

What other features of Easy Project facilitate work within your company?

There is really a lot of these features. For example "company's social network" allows communication within one platform and not only about work-related stuff. All the project-related documents are located clearly at one place and everyone knows where everything important for the certain project is stored. In overall, we now have a simplified work better overview and control over projects.

Is there anything that you are not satisfied with, what should we improve in the future?

In the beginning we might have some problems understanding why some processes are set up as they are. However, it was caused by initial knowledge of the entire software. We quickly found out that modules and their coherence are built very logically and that behind the whole software must necessarily stand a team with experience in project management. Easy Project support department helped us to understand the functioning, so we quickly mastered the control of application and we could fully use the synergy effect which flows from coherence of individual modules. It's noticeable that the application was created by people who know what they do.

Would you like to add anything else?

In general, we are very satisfied with the functionality of Easy Project  and it fulfilled our expectations. What we are missing a little is fine tuning of mobile application. We think that there is a room for improvement in the future.

Thank you for interview and your feedback, new version of mobile application will be released in a matter of weeks. We believe that it will fulfill all your expectations.

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