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Meet Easy Project implementation team

Stana is the most experienced Easy Project consultant of our team, with close to 10 years of experience. She has experience with implementations in companies of all shapes and sizes. Stana has experience in academia, non-profit and business sectors, possesses excellent analytical skills and has publications, including Project Management according to IPMA.

Speaks: EN
EP expert in: Project Management according to IPMA/PMI
Focus: Team leader and partner management

Easy Project - Stana Salkova Nechvilova

Klara holds a MSc degree in IT. She has special interest and in-depth knowledge of automotive, production and software development industries and plenty of experience in large-scale business implementations. She is very analytical in her work and is great at breaking down and explaining any complex feature. 

Speaks: EN, DE, RU, CZ
EP expert in: Easy Gantt, Resource Management, CRM

Easy Project - Klara Zamazalova

Lilia is one of our most experienced Easy Project consultants. She has in-depth knowledge of all complex settings and often serves as our internal consultant. Lilia holds a degree in IT and at the moment concentrates more on costume product development.

Speaks: EN, RU, CZ
EP expert: Custom Development

Easy Project - Lilia Schmidt

Jan is our International Management expert with a Master's Degree in the related field. He specializes in manufacturing companies and has valuable experience in implementation of core project management features, visualization of data and setting of performance indicators. 

Speaks: EN, RU, CZ
EP expert in: Core project management & Data Visualization

Easy Project - Jan Rericha

Dagmar has gained vast project management experience in financial corporation. During her PhD studies, she is an expert in data analysis and synthesis. Now, she specializes in solutions for IT companies and research institutions. She enjoys studying specific requirements and bringing efficient solutions to clients.

Speaks: EN, ESP, CZ
EP expert: in Project management and CRM

Easy Project - Dagmar Kusnirova


3 steps to Easy Project implementation 

Successful implementation and training is key to integration of Easy Project in your organization. Here we offer you three bulletproof steps to implementation.

1. Analysis and settings

Define your goals with Easy Project. What is the main purpose?
Goals may vary significantly, for some it may be increase of visibility for others keeping tight grip on available resources. Clients often try to adjust their initial goal, trying to utilize every single available feature of Easy Project. But at the end of the day, they end up with overly complex processes that do not accomplish their main goal. Define your goal and keep it in mind while completing Implementation Questionnaire.

Decided on your goal? Time to define a set of standard process that you want all your users to have and be able to use. For example, if your goal is to keep track of projects and make sure that none of them are overdue, you would probably need to set notification system. Would you like to get notified by email?  If task is overdue, what should be done? Think it through.

Once you goal is set, our implementation team will help you from there. We will help you to utilize Easy Project features to the fullest without compromising your main goal. We will create an Easy Project settings proposal in form of Implementation Protocol and discuss the details with you during our on-line meeting.

2. Training

All set to start work? Time to learn how to apply all the set features in work according to the best practices, derived from nearly a decade of successful implementations and best IPMA/PMI practices.

During on-line training we will address three user levels: administrator, manager, regular user. We will also show you all the settings, so that you can adjust them yourself in the future. 


Wondering how to train the rest of your personnel? We have some hints for you: 

  1. Set a criteria for successful training. In this case, it would be great if it is linked to your initial goal. For example all the users are familiar with the notification system and know how to handle overdue projects.

  2. Keep your internal-training "text light" and "activity heavy". Provide your employees with stories and scenarios, to show applicability of the real life benefits of the training. 

  3. Give participants a chance to apply learned theory in practice by splitting them in groups, assigning them a project and letting them go through the work-flow process.

  4. Make learning multi-channel. Organize classroom lecture, role-plays, knowledge base to educate your employees and make all the necessary information readily available. 

To help you further with training process, you can check out our Training Center and Documentation

3. Consultation and Handover

Once your training is complete and all your questions are answered, it is time to complete the implementation process and handover the project. What will you receive at the end of implementation process:

- Implementation protocol - updated version

- Handover protocol

Still have questions and need help? Do not worry. After completion of the implementation process, every client receives 2 weeks of Priority Support, so you get answers to your questions faster and quickly get familiarized with the system. 

Documentation Details: 

Implementation questionnaire

  • sales representative sent to the client
  • fulfillment is necessary to start the implementation

Implementation protocol

  • Description of done/to-be-done setting (scope, dates)
  • Terms and conditions of Implementation
  • Prepared for first meeting by consultant according to implementation questionnaire
  • Agreed on  during the first meeting

Handover protocol

  • Includes setting description


Settings (what can be included)

  • User settings

  • Users import (only for advanced or professional)

  • Projects creation and settings

  • Projects import (only for advanced or professional)

  • Project templates creation

  • General settings of application (name, default trackers, default project modules, default working calendar)

  • Filters creation

  • Default filters settings

  • Users homepages

  • Project overview pages

  • Trackers

  • Roles & Permissions

  • Workflow

  • Activities

  • Setting of custom fields

  • Setting of modules



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