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Iron triangle of project management

23rd August 2017
15:00 CET (30 minutes including Q&A)

Every project is defined, at the very least, by 3 crucial characteristics. When managed with proper level of attention and precision, the delivery will be a breeze.

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WBS - Work breakdown structure (Scope)

30th August 2017
15:00 CET (30 minutes including Q&A)

The first step in any serious project is to define the goal = a state after the project is finished.
Once you know the goal, you can decompose the project into partial deliverables, and finally to activities (tasks).
Our consultant will explain the best practices to manage this decomposition.

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Gantt (schedule)

6th September 2017
15:00 CET (30 minutes including Q&A)

Unless the project timeline is in a neat and visual form, it may be difficult to monitor and keep deadlines. Find out some tips to ease your project scheduling in our interactive Gantt chart.

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Resource management (cost)

13th September 2017
15:00 CET (30 minutes including Q&A)

You have the scope, you have the schedule, what is missing? Right, now you need the personnel to carry out the planned work. Let us show you the best ways to balance the workload within your team.

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Agile methods (Scrum, Kanban)

20th September 2017
15:00 CET (30 minutes including Q&A)

They are not just buzzwords, they really do have practical implications. But most importantly, they are not synomyms. Learn when it's best to use Kanban or when to start seriously contemplating Scrum.

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Task management

27th September 2017
15:00 CET (30 minutes including Q&A)

While the manager may have the project planned nice and visually, along with a dashboard with every important statistic, it doesn't automatically translate to flawless delivery.
What actually allows the project to be carried out, is the work of each team member. Only when they have the easiest possible way to track their daily activities, work is done on time and the dashboard is filled with relevant data.

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Personal work management

4th October 2017
15:00 CET (30 minutes including Q&A)

Ask 10 different people to change a light bulb, each person will do it somehow differently, but the delivery will stay the same - changed light bulb.
This logic is applicable to projects. You need a delivery from each worker in certain quality, time, with given resources. Allow your workers to manage their personal working habits as they see fit to get the best delivery from them.

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Knowledge sharing

11th October 2017
15:00 CET (30 minutes including Q&A)

It is not individual skills and experiences of each member that make an effective team, it is the team as a whole. Naturally, everyone has different skillsets. But to really drive the overall competence level higher, you need a knowledge sharing system that gathers and effectively redistributes the valuable know-how from all past projects.

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If you missed any topic you wanted to see, you will still have a chance to catch up on it before the end of 2017. New dates will be announced continuously.


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