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autumn 2014



At the end of the year, we implemented a feature-packed Easy Project for the comprehensive project and task management within the company for Banzai. Look how cooperation has been taking place.


Banzai used an older version of an open source project management on its own servers. Easy Project was supposed to provide professional services, including hosting and system maintenance, data migration from the old system and the implementation of new features using extension modules.


We managed the data migration a little bit earlier than it was originally planned. The next step was the implementation of the most necessary plug-ins for the client: Resource utilization, Help Desk, Project budget and cash flow, Work statement etc.

Although the hosting was mediated via our own servers, the client requested to access Easy Project via his own URL. This unusual request was eventually successfully resolved thanks to the cooperation of our and client's administrators.

In addition, we created a special form of time worked reports for Banzai.

Banzai company eventually installed all the available plug-ins:

  • Basic project management
  • Advanced project management
  • Resource management
  • Finance management of projects
  • Customer management

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