Inteli - projects, supplies and AV technology installation

The leading Czech supplier of audiovisual equipment. Exclusive distributor of world leading brands in audio equipment. Inteli  uses Easy Project for project management installations, management of internal development projects, marketing, sales and administration.

Required solution

A tool for assigning tasks, monitoring of their fulfillment, coordination of project installations, which are supplied by external companies.

System accessible through a web browser on a mobile device - iPad, Android, so technicians can update tasks from terrain.

A comprehensive tool that allows coordination of complex projects and intuitive task management of external companies.

Extent of Easy Project implementation

Internal task assigning to workers, coordination of marketing and sales projects - such as the development and operation of on-line stores. Internally, Easy Project is used by approximately 10 workers. Externally, about 50 companies providing installation of audiovisual equipment use Easy Project

Entering tasks (requirements for installation) via a web form - e-shop. Advanced work flow in installation  implementation - requirement for the installation is closed up when unique codes match.

Operation in Cloud

Functions used

  • Assigning task to workers - assigning tasks to projects, monitoring fulfillment of tasks
  • Assigning tasks via web form - requirements for construction
  • User rating of external companies
  • User utilization - which the company is available at the time
  • Sharing internal resources - projector, auto, conference room

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