Regional Authority, Local Authority - Project Management

Statutory town of Chomutov implemented Easy Project for managing EU projects and investment projects. The goal was to gain an overview of ongoing projects, coordinate and monitor their progress. 

Required solution for project management

Get an overview Remove chaos

  • Get an overview ofthe completed projects and hours worked
  • Streamline the work of individual workers and departments
  • Clearly track the status of the specific tasks and projects and the utilization of staff
  • Have everything related to the projects in one place and one application
  • Implement a unified and simple work system 

Original condition

Different ways to register projects in different departments, different ways of administration of daily activities, a separate agenda of EU-funded projects. There is a lack of consistent project management approach and comparable information for individual projects.

Implementation of Easy Project and its benefits

Unified and simplified input method and information register for projects and everyday agenda. Division of activities according to business segments (independent trade unions, EU projects, tasks for council meetings, etc.).

Executive workers: Form for assigning tasks on the home page - quick and easy way to assign tasks to subordinates. An overview of all the actions that are assigned to workers (avoiding overloading or underloading workers). An overview of the activities in a subordinate department / office, an overview of the condition of the completed projects.

Workers: have an overview of what to do and when the assignment is due, by whom the task was assigned, to which project it belongs to (what it is about), who is co-working on the task.

Projects sorted by the individual fields. Each branch is keeping its own "internal' agenda, however, the same procedures apply, making the data  unified and easily traced.

Management of EU-funded projects, sorted by stages of development:

  • Application preparation
  • Realization
  • Sustainability

By each stage there are required deadlines monitored, other data for projects required etc. It facilitates the application preparation, ongoing reporting (eg. hours worked), creation of monitoring reports. Created templates (task lists) for the application preparation (always includes very similar tasks) and sustainability monitoring .

Sharing the dates of important meetings - a shared milestone is set for the council meeting, assembly and other important events.

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