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Easy Project helps with risk and project management in the world's leading companies

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Risk management is an essential part of good project management. 
Therefore, we combined them into one software.


Customizable interface for the project and global risk management and cooperation between managers and team members.

Risk assessment by qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Risk register and categorization by probability, severity, time, project, and other criteria.

Visualization in graphs and models, eg Risk Matrix. Instant reporting and export.

Operative features for managing action steps to reduce and eliminate risk: related tasks, response status, deadlines, assigned persons.

Compatible with PMI, PRINCE2, IPMA.


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Ikona identifikace

Identification and professional assessment

Identify new risks and assign them to individual projects. The quantitative and qualitative analysis help you assess each risk and determine e.g. its probability, severity, timing or impact value to calculate the required contingency reserve.


Ikona monitoring

Monitoring and risk control

The Risk Matrix, visual indicators, and graphs are great for regular risk monitoring. You can also apply filters, e.g. by project, severity, risk category, timing or reaction type. This helps you prioritize individual risk. 

Ikona reseni

Effective solution & execution

By visualizing risk data, it is easy to choose the required type of response - to avoid, mitigate, accept or to transform. Once you assign the response to each risk, you can start managing the necessary action steps: create tasks, assign responsible persons and set deadlines. 


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For whom is Risk Management designed?

Project managers & Executives

to manage project risk as well as global risks that threaten multiple projects or the entire company.

  • Project and global risk register with categorization 
  • Risk management modules - identification, quantitative and qualitative analysis, risk response planning
  • Risk visualization and filtering by project, risk type, severity, time and other criteria
  • Tools for action steps management - tasks, responsible persons, deadlines and more
  • Reporting, export to XLS, PDF, and CSV

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Agile management in Easy Project is extensible with other PM features


Ikona Plus modra

WBS, Gantt and resource management

In WBS maps, you divide the project into more manageable tasks. Gantt helps you plan the steps in the right way. You easily plan and assign workforce and resources to the tasks you create.


Ikona Plus modra

Risk management


You take control over potential risk through the identification, assessment and monitoring features, as well as the management of action steps.


Ikona Plus modra

Agile project management


Your processes will be optimized and tasks under constant control. Support for Kanban, Scrum, and other approaches.


Ikona Plus modra

Issue, Time and Financial Tracking

You always have a comprehensive overview of the status of current tasks, requirements, and finance and you can compare how you stand compared to the plan.


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Easy Project nous a permis de prendre le contrôle de nos projets, être plus efficace et avoir des points de vue stratégiques sur nos projets que nous n’avions pas auparavant. Le service support d’Easy Project nous a aidé à répondre à nos besoins uniques.

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Compatible avec les standards IPMA & PMI

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SHINE Consulting Ltd.- Détenteur de l’accréditation du Programme d’Entraînement à la Gestion de Projet “Project Management in Practice” (Standard international IPMA) et est aussi membre du PMI R.E.P Registered Education Provider. **Le logo du PMI Registered Education Provider est une marque déposée du Project Management Institute, Inc.

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