Earned Value Management brings an integrated project management approach

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Do you always know whether a project is on schedule? Are the cost spent according to a schedule? When will be a project done? Will it cost the money I planned? Earned Value Management will provide such answers.

A new plugin for Easy Project is just available via the Customer Portal. Earned Value Management (EVM), or Earned Value Project/Performance Management (EVPM) is a project management technique for measuring project performance and progress in an objective manner. In a single integrated system, EVM is able to provide accurate forecasts of project performance problems which are an important contribution to good project performance. It is therefore considered a Performance Management approach.

Key features of Earned Value Management plugin

  • A project-level module available for all or selected projects only
  • Real-time comparison of scope (earned value) with schedule (time) and budget resources (costs)
  • A performance management baseline is established to represent a project target ("Planned value")
  • Work progress is measured as “earned value” – a yardstick
  • Produces a set of metrics that provide accurate cost and schedule amounts
  • A set of guidelines that guide a company’s management control system

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