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6/21/2022 | 7 minutes read

Why You Need a Hosted Easy Project to Streamline Your Project Management

In general, the concept of hosting refers to allocating space to a website, program, or software on the World Wide Web, for it to be visible to a wider audience. The concept of a hosted Easy Project tool is similar.

6/7/2022 | 7 minutes read

Top 5 Solutions Easy Project Can Provide

In this blog post, you will find some of the common problems that almost every business faces. We'll go on to elaborate on how Easy Project solves those problems with simple and easy solutions.

5/24/2022 | 5 minutes read

8 Management Skills That Help You Succeed as a Project Manager

Project managers have many things on their table to deal with throughout their day. Meeting deadlines, streamlining business processes, and managing the team are just a few responsibilities. There are many more things that project managers have to go through.
5/10/2022 | 7 minutes read

What to Know About Easy Project HelpDesk

Technology is advancing as experts introduce new and innovative tools in the market. The HelpDesk system has a global implementation for streamlining customer service. HelpDesk applications support internal and external clients and customers.
4/26/2022 | 6 minutes read

How to Build Trust in a Remote PM Team

We polled HR influencers and thought leaders for their best tips on building a trustworthy workplace. Companies may improve their workplace culture by setting clear goals and addressing managerial biases linked to remote employment.
4/12/2022 | 5 minutes read

Why Making Resource Allocation a Crucial Part of Your Project Management

Realistic expectations and estimations of the project's time, budget, and resources. Those are the three essential elements to be clear before starting any project. Today, we will talk about the resources and how they improve your project management if planned efficiently.
3/29/2022 | 7 minutes read

The Most Critical Easy Project Features That You Need

Easy Project is a flexible and time-saving project management tool. This web application also helps with task tracking. With Easy Project, you can manage multiple projects, keep track of your employees, and monitor their daily performance.

3/22/2022 | 4 minutes read

Technical Info: Microsoft Deprecates Basic Authentication – We Are Ready

Microsoft announced the intention of deprecating login by simple user & password and is preparing its users for it. Therefore, we are here to let you know about all this latest development and how Easy Project is prepared for it.

3/15/2022 | 6 minutes read

How to Estimate Projects in Easy Project

Parallel, an APM accredited blog, ranks poor estimations / missed deadlines as the first and the foremost factor that leads to projects performing below par. Time is essentially one of the three central elements in the triple constraint model, alongside the budget and the scope.

3/8/2022 | 7 minutes read

Why You Need an Easy Project Private Cloud

Cloud computing is all the rage these days and there has been a significant increase in the utilization and adoption of cloud computing across organizations, as well as individuals.

3/1/2022 | 6 minutes read

Start That Project or Not? How to Find Out a Project’s Financial Potential Thanks to Cost Analysis

Woody Allen once said: “Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.” When it comes to the profitability of your projects, all humor should be put aside, but you may stick with Allen’s statement to some extent.

2/22/2022 | 6 minutes read

Project Templates: What Can They Do and How Can They Make Your Work More Effective? Improve Project Planning Thanks to Tried-And-Tested Templates

We assume that you create something like a plan at the beginning of each project. The plan should guarantee that you will not forget anything during the work and that you will keep an eye on all required deliveries.
2/15/2022 | 9 minutes read

Project Management: How Not to Stagnate and Move Forward in Your Career? A Few Tips from a Senior PM

Once we asked the candidate a classic question during the interview: "What do you think the project manager does?" The answer, however brief and far-fetched, worked like a nice icebreaker: “Everything.”

2/8/2022 | 3 minutes read

Trends 2021: Where Is Project Management Headed in Companies?

A  turbulent 2020 changed what was considered normal up until that point. How much was 2021 different from 2020 and how did companies struggle with the new challenges? Read about the most significant trends in project management, which come from a survey of 115 international managers. You can gain inspiration for managing your own projects.

2/1/2022 | 7 minutes read

Project Budget – Everything You Need to Know: How to Properly Estimate, Create and Guard Your Project’s Financing

Many things can make life and work more complicated for a project manager, but budget is one of the most peculiar ones. On the other hand, it's great to see in the finance overview that everything is running as it should – not only in terms of timing but also in terms of costs.

1/25/2022 | 8 minutes read

The 6 Things That Stress Project Managers (And What to Do About Them)

Stress is a natural part of project management no matter the business field. A solid PM tool should help project managers manage not only their projects but also the stress they bring. Today, we will look at PM software as one of the best stress-reducing manager's weapons.

1/18/2022 | 6 minutes read

Easy Project Joins Integromat to Deliver Countless Integration Options

Easy Project is an intuitive and simple project management tool that helps track your teammates’ progress and help them visualize projects. But, the great news for project management teams is that Easy Project recently integrated with Integromat, which is another useful platform.

1/11/2022 | 5 minutes read

How to Rescue a Project with a Tight Deadline: 5+1 Action Tips for Effective Project Solving

You may find a large amount of quality and relevant information on how to prepare a project and start working on it at the Easy Project blog. But sometimes, no matter how hard you try, at some stage your project will start to go downhill.

1/4/2022 | 4 minutes read

Achieve Your Project Goals Using Requirements Management in Easy Project

The proper management of customer requirements is a basic prerequisite for well-implemented projects. Requirements management includes several key principles such as collecting, analyzing, refining, and prioritizing product requirements.

12/28/2021 | 6 minutes read

Project Decision-Making: How to Do It Better

Project manager's daily bread? Making decisions. Not all of them are easy to take and require experience combined with intuition. And data. With the first two elements, we cannot help you in any significant way but the third one – decisions based on data – is where you can win with us.

12/21/2021 | 4 minutes read

Manage Project Finances Visually With Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS)

Did you know that even project finances can be visual? This is called Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS). The CBS allows you to quickly see and/or allocate costs to the lowest level of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

12/15/2021 | 2 minutes read

Technical Info: Easy Project Application Is Not Affected by the Vulnerability CVE-2021-44228

Our Easy Project application is safe for both the cloud and the server solution. It has no Java code whatsoever.

12/14/2021 | 6 minutes read

Why Project Managers Should Be Leaders in Communication

Across the web, you will find hundreds of articles on communication between the team members working on a project. However, in this piece of advice, we will keep you out of the general definitions and rather skip directly into how to respond to communication challenges that daily project management brings to you and your team.
12/7/2021 | 6 minutes read

A Set of Project Management Advice for Fast-Growing Small and Medium Businesses

Growing a business is like growing a rock band. It is a bit messy and fun in the beginning, but with the first success, you have to deal with the timeline, contracts, transport, and logistics of your very first tour.
11/30/2021 | 4 minutes read

Why a Salesperson Should Also Be a Good Project Manager

You may have heard the phrase: "Project management is good only for the project managers, not the rest of us." This opinion may often originate from a fear of trying a new tool or simply a misunderstanding of it. But can project management techniques also benefit the sales team? And how to best utilize it when you aren’t a project manager?

11/23/2021 | 4 minutes read

How to Get Some Extra Time for the Real Work

Dozens of open windows and a number of different user interfaces. Lots of time spent thinking about which window one is actually addressing a given task in, and which application the conversation is taking place in. Plus, the constant switching between tools distracts the user from what's really important.
11/16/2021 | 8 minutes read

The Most Common Mistakes When Starting a New Project

Think of the issues you had to deal with managing your last project. Would you agree that some of them had their core in the initiation phase? If so – and if you are about to begin works on the next job – let these proven and feasible tips be your guide to start a new project the right way.

11/9/2021 | 6 minutes read

Start Your Projects Smarter by Using Mind Maps

At the beginning of every project, there is a lot going on – especially in your mind. You and your colleagues create ideas, visions, and many small parts from which the whole project can be created. Hence, here is a clever technique that helps you take advantage of this – mindmapping.

11/2/2021 | 1 minute read

Webinar: How to Get the Most Out of Easy Project 11+?

Easy Project 11+ is here to push your projects to the next level. Watch our webinar recording to quickly learn about the new features.

10/26/2021 | 5 minutes read

What I as a CEO Like About the New Easy Project 11+

Hello, my name is Filip Morávek and I am the CEO of Easy Software, the company behind Easy Project. For 14 years we have been connecting the world of technology with the best project management practices. And the new Easy Project 11+ is another key milestone on that journey. Let me tell you why.

10/12/2021 | 6 minutes read

Say Hello to the New Easy Project 11+ (Feature Overview)

New Mind Maps, B2B CRM, Enhanced HelpDesk for your clients, Search 2.0, and High Contrast Theme. Are you ready for a decent load of news coming up with an upgraded version of the popular PM solution Easy Project 11+? Read on to learn more about all the new features for project management and other key business needs in one app.

9/28/2021 | 4 minutes read

How Easy Project Helps You Provide Better Customer Service Consistently

If you are a service provider, customer experience has to be one of the biggest challenges for you. While customers don’t think twice before switching from product A to product B, they don’t do so in the case of services.

9/14/2021 | 6 minutes read

Why Good Project Managers Matter

A project manager – the one whose hours in the budget estimation are always challenged. The one who “knows too little about anything but tells others what to do“. And the one who annoys the whole team by tracking their time.

8/31/2021 | 7 minutes read

How to Switch Successfully to Agile Project Management: What to Do (And Not Do) To Make Your Agile Transformation Work

The agile strategy has become the buzzword and its adoption rightly sounds tempting – it promises greater customer satisfaction, faster time-to-market, and higher revenues at lower costs.

8/17/2021 | 4 minutes read

Benefits of Using Easy Project for Public Goods’ Providers

Public goods providers have a special place in the economy. They produce goods that are to be used by the public without excluding anyone from the use, which increases the size of their solutions significantly.

8/10/2021 | 5 minutes read

Risks Do Differ – Various Pitfalls in Project Management: A Few Tips for Easier Risk Management Thanks to Effective Risk Distribution

How – especially in 2021 – not get lost in one of the many pitfalls that await your project? The solution is to prioritize risks thanks to accurate identification and categorization.

8/3/2021 | 6 minutes read

How the Right Resource Management Tool Can Transform Your Work-From-Home Experience

Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Twitter, Hitachi, Chevron, Salesforce, and Spotify. All across the world, global companies like these rolled out mandatory remote-working policies in the wake of Covid-19.

7/27/2021 | 5 minutes read

How to Create a Working Project Budget: 3 Specific Tips + Tools for Easy Budget Creation and Tracking

Money. To say that everything revolves only around money would probably be too much. On the other hand, a project that, even at the cost of maximum effort, ends up with a minimal profit, or even in the red, is rarely pleasing. But how to get rid of the fear of budget finances and be happy that investments make sense and bring results?
7/20/2021 | 5 minutes read

Working Smart: How to Find the Right Balance Between Short-Term Demands and Long-Term Projects

Distinguishing between short-term and long-term goals and needs is one of the longest-standing challenges among individuals and organizations. Every day presents pressures from all directions that rock you back and forth, almost like a sailboat in choppy waters.

7/13/2021 | 5 minutes read

Best Tools for Digital Project Management (Part 2): How to Manage Risk, Finance, and People

Congratulations! If you have also read our first part, then you have already completed half of the "preparation" for the management of your digital project. In the second part of the blog, we will look at the risks that await you in project management of this type of project and how to effectively address them using the tools in Easy Project. From planning to risk management to the art of effective communication.

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