With Easy Project Resource Management you can identify user expertise, make sure that all the workers are optimally loaded and all resources are utilized efficiently. Thank to its integration with Easy Gantt & Attendance management, assignment of tasks is performed on defined timeline and vacations are taken into account.

Resource Master Plan

Efficient utilization of resources across all projects and instant overview of under-resourced projects is easy with Resource Master Plan. Tasks can be assigned according to a employee expertise, while keeping their workload in balance.

Key Features:

  • daily/weekly/monthly views
  • competency & department filtering
  • overview of problems - overdue tasks, hour allocation issues
  • display of cash flows
  • display of milestones
  • colour coding for tasks/projects with problems

Resource Dashboard

Resource Dashboard shows you the most/least loaded users, task types with the most hours allocated and diagrams with visualized workers' time utilization. You also get an overview of the total hours allocated and control over any discrepancies in allocation.  

Key Features:

  • Lists of most and least utilized users
  • User utilization Gauge diagram according to allocate hours
  • Working hours utilization of a group of users
  • Pie chart for trackers allocations - hours allocated for different types of jobs
  • Total allocated hours for both: spent time and hours allocated in the future

Competency Management

Using Competency Management, you can identify full capabilities of your company, determine competencies of workers and consequently effectively utilize available competencies, given clearly granulated projects and set project plan.

Key features:

  • displays tasks of the workers in time with their total workload
  • daily / weekly / monthly view of planned workload compared to the capacities
  • task updates and assignment using a drag & drop feature
  • integration with attendance – planned vacations, holidays are taken into account in workers' capacities
  • integration with meeting calendar – planned meetings are taken into account in workers' capacities
  • competency planning by teams and trackers - filter only certain type of work with the respective teams

Attendance Management for vacation approval requests

Efficient time utilization can be jeopardized by employees' irregular attendance. With Attendance Management system workers can log and plan their attendance and managers can access attendance plans and statistics of all users.

Key features:

  • attendance logging using personal calendar (office, sick leave, vacation, home office, etc.)
  • planning of future attendance in a calendar
  • vacation (leave) approvals from managers
  • attendance sheets by people in a list, calendar or statistic format
  • automated attendance logging by accessing Easy Project from defined IP address
  • integration with Resource Management – planned attendance is taken into account
  • pre-defined holiday calendars

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