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Easy Project Webinars

Want to learn various PM skills and knowledge from renowned experts? Are you ready to unravel the full potential of Easy Project's capabilities in basic, advanced, or fully professional usage?

Let our consultants share with you their vast experience in project management from all major industries. Our webinars will introduce you to the fundamental techniques of project management in a practical and understandable way. We aim to broaden your horizons and help you find the most efficient way to get your projects done!

Upcoming Webinars:

Easy Project integrations - based on a Power BI customer showcase (English, 16. 05. 2024)

What you can look forward to?

  • Integration capabilities of Easy Project - explore what kind of integrations are available.
  • Live demonstration:
    • integration possibilities (easy_swagger),
    • a showcase of data transfer (SAP time tracking).
  • Client showcase: Power BI Integration presented by our guest Freek Sangers, Manager Professional Services.

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Past Webinars:

How HelpDesk can enhance your Customer service? (English, 18. 04. 2024)

  • Essential setup processes.
  • The complete lifecycle of a ticket. 
  • Deployment of the HelpDesk for both internal and external projects.
  • Scenarios of working within the application

Watch the webinar to learn about the guidelines and hints for a HelpDesk feature from our Senior Consultant David Pavlíček.

How to not get overwhelmed by the backlog? (English, 14. 03. 2024)

Learn how to effectively manage your backlog with a Professional Scrum Trainer Karel Smutný (Scrum.org™), and Flora Oprządek (Consultant).

  • Collaborate in real-time. 
  • Break down complex work. 
  • Manage tasks in a sticky-note style.
  • Keep your backlog well-organized.

Filters – How to effectively manage big amounts of data in Easy Project (English, 07. 02. 2024)

  • Default filters for shaping the application to your needs.
  • Using saved filters for convenient data views in various outputs. 
  • Building widgets using filters to enhance your dashboards.
  • Implementing global filters on dashboards.
  • Pro-level tips for on-click functions that take your dashboards to the next level.

Data – How to efficiently organize data in Easy Project (English, 24. 01. 2024)

  • Customize My dashboards to match the specifics of the audience and effectively manage them as an administrator.
  • Build engaging thematic dashboards. 
  • Highlight key data and easily find secondary data.

Resource Management (English, 06. 12. 2023)

Learn how to revolutionize your organization´s planning process. In the webinar, we are covering the following topics:

  • Booking Capacities: Demonstration of working with bookings based on inputs from a business case - booking people by percentage or hours.
  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Demand for people to join the team based on the required skills for the project.
  • Advanced Reporting of Capacities Utilization: Monitoring occupation levels, including Billable vs Non-billable work.

Knowledge Base add-on (English, 15. 11. 2023)

Uncover insightful ways to maximize the usage of Knowledge Base add-on across diverse company departments. Our colleagues have shared practical how-tos and use cases to show you the extensive applications of the Knowledge Base.

Asset & Configuration Management add-on (English, 9. 11. 2023)

View the recorded webinar to discover how you can leverage the Asset & Configuration Management add-on across various departments within your company. Our colleagues have shared their best practices to assist you in unlocking its full potential.

What's new in Easy Project 13?

We have a unified solution for your agile, waterfall project management and business processes. See it for yourself in this webinar recording lead by our product owner, Jan Řeřicha.

  • Scrum Boards - 100% Scrum and approved by a certified Scrum.org expert.
  • Custom Kanban - handle custom processes, spot bottlenecks, and resolve them quickly.
  • Jump to Dashboard - make your custom dashboard easily accessible to the entire organisation.
  • Knowledge Base and Asset & Configuration Management - promote your organizational transparency and Consolidate your data within a single platform.
  • Fresh design and further user improvements will bring you an efficient work experience and smooth workflows.
  • Top-rated features such as WBS and Gantt with the best performance and security.

Asset & Configuration Management in Easy Project! (English, 16. 3. 2023)

Watch this webinar recording hosted by Daniil Kharatyan, key consultant for Asset & Configuration Management solution and learn everything there is to know about our new add-on.

You will learn about:

  • Overview of the features (benefits, main components: custom tables, connections, new custom fields)
  • Use cases (ITAM, ITSM, Sales management)

We hope that you will find useful tips on how to implement Asset & Configuration in your organisation!

Discover how to use Knowledge Base 2.0 (English, 16. 2. 2023)

Learn how to use Knowledge Base 2.0 and its functions (for example wiki structured content, blogs or search) in Easy Project, how to use it for your business operation challenges and how to upgrade from legacy Knowledge Base. In this 30 minutes webinar, Slavek Lizner (Sales Director at Easy Software) will also answer all of your questions.

How to manage resources in an agile way (English, 26. 10. 2022)

Learn how to manage resources simply, from a top-level perspective, and flexibly. In 30 minutes, Jan Pavera, our Product Owner, will share with you knowledge of how Easy Software uses Agile Resource Management when managing projects, tips and techniques for utilizing it at work, and the most useful features of Agile Resource Management in Easy Project (assigning teams and users; managing skills; allocating resources; working with basic dimensions: project, teams, workers, and time). In the webinar, we will also answer all of your questions.

Como aproveitar ao máximo o Easy Project 12? (português brasileiro, 13. 9. 2022)

O Easy Project 12 chegou para trazer harmonia ao seu ambiente de trabalho diário. Quer saber como? Descubra os seus novos recursos práticos de gerenciamento de projetos, mantenha as coisas claras e sob controle. Em 30 minutos (incluindo perguntas e respostas), você aprenderá a: equilibrar a sua carga de trabalho usando o Agile Resource Management, criar e atualizar tarefas num piscar de olhos com o renovado Formulário de Tarefas Intuitivo, economizar tempo na obtenção de dados essenciais com Filtros Dinâmicos.

How to get the most out of Easy Project 12? (English, 7. 9. 2022)

In 30 minutes (including Q&A), you will learn how to balance your workload using Agile Resource Management, create and update tasks in the blink of an eye with our renewed Intuitive Task Form, or save time on getting essential data with Dynamic Filters.

HelpDesk (português brasileiro, 23. 8. 2022)

Neste webinar vamos explorar as principais funcionalidades do nosso HelpDesk: configurações, gráficos, caixas de e-mails, portal do cliente.

Client-centricity at your fingertips (English, 16. 8. 2022)

How the client-centric approach changes the game for companies? Watch our webinar recording to find out.

CRM (português brasileiro, 9. 8. 2022)

Neste webinar vamos aprender a usar o módulo CRM, essencial para qualquer empresa que trabalha com vendas: entidades do CRM, controle de atividades, contratos e cotações, gráficos do CRM.

Orçamento, roteiro e módulo de riscos (português brasileiro, 26. 7. 2022)

Neste webinar vamos explorar as funcionalidades do módulo orçamentos, roteiro de projetos e o gerenciamento de riscos: orçamento planejado x real, adicionar despesas e receitas, roteiro de projetos/marcos, riscos: probalidades, categorias, global x projeto.

Scrum e Kanban (português brasileiro, 12. 7. 2022)

Neste webinar vamos aprender a trabalhar com os dois módulos de metodologia ágil que temos, Scrum e Kanban, Scrum e sprint, Meta da sprint / horas x story points, Raias e statuses, Gráficos Scrum, Kanban board.

Gantt, horas trabalhadas, tarefas (português brasileiro, 14. 6. 2022)

Neste webinar vamos mostrar como trabalhar com o módulo Gantt e seus recursos, registro de horas e tarefas: Gantt, marcos e linhas de base, trajeto crítico e fluxo de caixa, Gantt global, registro de horas, tipos de tarefa, relações entre tarefas, checklist em uma tarefa.

Criação de um Projeto (português brasileiro, 31. 5. 2022)

Neste webinar vamos criar um projeto do zero, trabalhar com a página principal dele e criar uma EAP: planejamento rápido, página principal do projeto, campos personalizados, estrutura de projetos, modelos de Projeto, EAP.

Configurações iniciais (português brasileiro, 17. 5. 2022)

Neste webinar vamos explorar as configurações iniciais da nossa ferramenta, as contas de usuários e as permissões que cada um deles pode ter dentro da ferramenta: layout da ferramenta, perfil de usuário, tipos de usuários, tipos de funções, permissões, dashboards.

How to get the most out of Easy Project 11+? (English, 2. 11. 2021)

Easy Project 11+ is here to push your projects to the next level. Watch our webinar recording to quickly learn about the new features.

The New Easy Project 11 And How To Get The Most Of It For Your Business (English, 3. 6. 2021)

The newest version of Easy Project is here with a new modern interface and powerful features! Watch our webinar recording (below) to quickly learn how to master your favorite PM tool and welcome the new mobile app.

Easy Project 10.6 (autumn edition) – new features and how to get the most of them (English, 15. 10. 2020)

The latest Easy Project 10.6 brings quite a few new features and enhancements, from task coworkers search, resource reports, built-in user roles across the last comments shown on the task list, a quick search in administration up to new options in Helpdesk, quick task editor, and DMS. You have something to look forward to!

Easy Project 10 – What's new and how to make the most of it (English, 20. 5. 2020)

A brand new Easy Project 10 brings improved design and user experience along with the most wanted project management features. Additionally, look forward to more than 25 professional business features for Resource Management, Agile Finances, Help Desk, CRM, DevOps, and more.

Easy Project DevOps Management solution (English, 20. 11. 2019)

Easy Project introduces a set of plugins for integrated DevOps management. From Requirements to Test Cases and Continuous Integration. Join our webinar to also learn how to create powerful UML or other diagrams right within your tasks, dashboards, knowledgebase, requirements, or test scenarios. Edit and update diagrams without the need for any other software. Draw.io alternative is integrated right within Easy Project.

Easy Project Help Desk 2019 (English, 6. 11. 2019)

Try the integrated Help desk solution by Easy Project for improved customer care and smoother processing. There are two basic ways of creating tickets – from e-mail or from a simplified user interface. Tickets are stored in projects where you can define SLAs, pre-paid hours, transfer 'unused' hours, and easily generate reports.

What is new in Easy Project 10 (English, 24. 10. 2019)

Watch our webinar recording to learn about what is new in Easy Project 10! Learn how to use the Balancer - the new feature in Resource management, to make the management of your resources even easier. Find out what themes you can apply in your Easy Project - use the dark theme or the compact theme. And find out over improvements in the Easy Project task management. Running your tasks has never been easier!

Easy Project Resource Management 2019 (English, 15. 10. 2019)

Resource management made easy and visual with Easy Project. Resource management is a tool for professional planning and assignment of work in Easy Project. Managers plan work on projects with regard to the real-time capacities of workers and estimated time for task realization. Resource management allows managers to balance the workload of the people while keeping schedules of the projects.

Easy Project Gantt 2019 (English, 19. 9. 2019)

Gantt chart visualizes project tasks on a timeline and allows for their convenient planning - an essential tool for both simple and complex projects. Baselines, critical path, cash flow, resources, and even more tools can be displayed directly in Easy Gantt. You can also apply relations, create sub-tasks and milestones. Perfect project visualization and easier planning.

Easy Project Business Intelligence 2019 (English, 28. 8. 2019)

Business Intelligence is tunned into perfection now. Analyze your costs, revenues, ads expenses, sales data, and others in order to get real business insights. This is all thanks to visual dashboards with global filters and multidimensional views. Moreover, you can easily compare your current business data to other time periods (last year or previous period) thanks to trend modules.

Easy Project Scheduler 2019 (English, 14. 8. 2019)

Have control over your tasks, meetings, attendance, CRM activities, and resources on a single calendar screen.

Easy Project 10 – What's new and how to make the most of it (English, 19. 6. 2019)

Learn more about what is new in Easy Project 10 and how you can use it to run your projects easier, faster, and more efficiently.

What's new in Easy Project 10 (English, 7. 3. 2019)

Make your projects more profitable with the new powerful Easy Project 10. New features like Business Intelligence, Scheduler, Cost Breakdown Structure and more. Now it's even easier to start with the new Lite version.

What's new in Easy Project 10 (English, 27. 2. 2019)

Make your projects more profitable with the new powerful Easy Project 10. New features like Business Intelligence, Scheduler, Cost Breakdown Structure and more. Now it's even easier to start with the new Lite version.

Ressourcenmanagement (deutsch, 29. 11. 2018)

Resource Management is a key extension of Easy Project 10. Easily assign tasks to users, get an overview of workload across all users and projects and manage users' workload for optimal utilization of their competencies.

El triángulo de hierro (español, 26. 10. 2018)

Every project is defined, at the very least, by 3 crucial characteristics. When managed with the proper level of attention and precision, the delivery will be a breeze.

Das eiserne Dreieck (deutsch, 16. 10. 2018)

Every project is defined, at the very least, by 3 crucial characteristics. When managed with the proper level of attention and precision, the delivery will be a breeze.

PRINCE2 in Easy Project (English, 2. 10. 2018)

Why sink into chaos with a costly set of unsynchronized management tools? Easy Project offers you an all-in-one management solution that will help you on every management stage using PRINCE2 methods and can be adjusted to your company's and environment's needs.

Тройной императив (рус., 25. 9. 2018)

Every project is defined, at the very least, by 3 crucial characteristics. When managed with the proper level of attention and precision, the delivery will be a breeze.

Easy Project Community (English, 13. 9. 2018)

Easy Community gathers Easy users from all around the world in one place, perfect for sharing experiences and getting advice from IT experts, admins, and regular users. Download and share project templates, dashboards, and custom modifications.

Le triple impératif (français, 5. 9. 2018)

Every project is defined, at the very least, by 3 crucial characteristics. When managed with the proper level of attention and precision, the delivery will be a breeze.

Easy Project Integrations (English, 31. 7. 2018)

Are you looking to import data into Easy Project or are you looking to integrate software you already use with your Easy Project? Learn more about data import and integrations we offer, such as API and Zapier.

Easy Project Affiliate Program (English, 3. 7. 2018)

Join Easy Project Affiliate Program and learn how to make extra money recommending Easy Project to your clients and your contacts.

Easy buttons (English, 19. 6. 2018)

Easy buttons are the fastest way of updating your tasks and tickets. Just drag the selected task and drop it on an Easy button. And it's automatically updated.

Knowledge Base (English, 5. 6. 2018)

Keep and share the knowledge gained during project implementations and use it for further realizations, recommend knowledge to users, and assign them to tasks.

HelpDesk (English, 22. 5. 2018)

Get an integrated Help Desk solution within your Easy Project. Tickets can be submitted through e-mail or directly into the system via the client’s account and are stored in the Help Desk with defined SLA, pre-paid hours, etc.

Agile – Scrum, Kanban (English, 9. 5. 2018)

Manage user stories and sprints with Easy Project. Easily update sprint using drag & drop during your stand-up meeting and create personal scrum boards for scrum masters and other workers.

Resource Management (English, 24. 4. 2018)

With Easy Project Resource Management, you can identify user expertise, make sure that all workers are optimally loaded, and guarantee that all resources are utilized efficiently.

The new version of Easy Project (English, 10. 4. 2018)

This is a video overview of new features in the latest version of Easy Project.

The iron triangle - WBS, Gantt, Resource Management (English, 27. 3. 2018)

The iron triangle is actually a very simple representation of the key elements needed for successful project planning: scope, time, and cost/resources.

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