Project Management

Work Breakdown Structure

Eliminate possibility of undefined tasks and delays by using WBS. Clearly decompose projects and define all the deliverables. Quick personal planning and collaborative development of project scope is easy with WBS.

Key Features:

  • Mind map like visualization of the projects, issues, and sub-issues
  • Drag & Drop sorting of issues and projects
  • Creation of issues from the mind map
  • Colour visualization of issues completion and tackers
  • Familiar keyboard shortcuts from other mind map tools

Gantt Chart for easy project planning

Tired of overdue tasks and clumsy excel spreadsheets? Try Gantt Chart, it will visualize your projects and make planning easier - making the process faster, more synchronized and easily communicable.

Key Features:

  • Visualization of project tasks on a timeline
  • Task planning with drag & drop 
  • Relations between tasks and sub-tasks - easy editing
  • New tasks and milestones creation within Gantt Chart
  • Baselines creation within Gantt Chart

Earned Value Management

Define scope and analyse overall project performance with Earned Value Management (EVM), a research proven methodology for determination of project success.

Key features:

  • Enable this plugin for all or selected projects only
  • Compare project scope (earned value) with schedule (time) and budget resources (costs) in real time
  • Set the project target ("Planned value") by creating a project baseline
  • Measure work progress as “earned value” – a standard performance measure
  • Various metrics give you accurate cost and schedule values

Easy Project Earned Value Management Plugin

Reporting tools - Graphs & Charts

Visualize available statistics using pie, bar and line charts. Create charts from any list of entries and within couple clicks prepare a report on your project performance and demonstrate what needs to be improved.

Key features: 
  • Customizable graphs and charts for all the listings
  • Pie, bar and line charts and gauge diagrams with legends 
  • Available on all personalized pages
  • User-friendly settings
  • A broad variety of supported formats

Quick Project Planner

Quickly plan complete project by entering the basic task details: name, duration and due date. Available through the sidebar of your project page, it will allow you to note tasks during both brainstorming and preliminary project definition. 

Key Features:

  • Allows to set name, estimated time & due date
  • Pop-up menu for definition of other task details
  • Project level module easily accessible through sidebar
  • Saves time, ideal for on the go planning

Project Roadmap

Get and instant overview of your project goals in the form of milestones and all the tasks that need to be completed for its successful accomplishment. With Project Roadmap you get an instant overview of the whole project plan.

Key features:

  • Visualization of the whole project plan on a single page
  • Display of milestones with associated tasks
  • Display of due dates and current progress
  • Easy milestone filtering
  • Quick access from the project menu

Personal Dashboard for your every need

Address needs of different users and optimize flow of daily processes with Personal Dashboards and a portfolio of pre-set dashboards for typical company roles, such as project managers, support workers, sales reps and more.
Key features:
  • Tasks in a list or calendar format,includes: my tasks, task assigned to me, tasks I cooperate on, tasks according to projects
  • Projects in a list – my projects
  • Activity, attendance and time management modules
  • Easy buttons for easy task update
  • Variety of graphical outputs, reports, Gauge diagrams

Project Documents

Documents can be attached to tasks and projects and then easily searched, versioned and on-line edited. Under Documents module you can find a complete overview of all attachments of a specific project and related to it tasks.

Key features:

  • Document categorization
  • Role-based access rights to different document categories
  • Documents versioning
  • Online document editing
  • Complete overview of all task attachments on project


Assess project performance by comparing it to the original plan. Baselines provide snapshots of the project plan at different moments, allowing you to easily compare plan to the current performance within your Gantt Chart. 

Key Features:

  • Baselines visualization in Gantt Chart
  • Unlimited number of baselines
  • Comparison of current and originally planned start and due dates
  • Overview of all changes to the tasks' timing
  • Easy to create and delete directly in Gantt Chart

Templates for every project

Create project templates from existing projects or from scratch to save time and improve project structure over time. Easy Project also offers you a list of project templates for typical company processes.
Key features:
  • Unlimited number of project templates
  • Full-featured templates – team & roles, tasks, milestones, documents
  • Easy Project templates for typical projects
  • Saves time by eliminating the need to fill in all project details
  • Complete list of all project templates accessible through Administration

Computed Custom Fields

Make Easy Project your own by creating computed fields customized to your personal needs. They can be created on a variety of entities and can appear depending on trackers and attributes. 

Key features:

  • Works with basic arithmetic
  • Can be created on various entities
  • Appear depending on attributes and trackers
  • Support even complex calculations

Work Management

Task Tracking for up-to-date projects

Update task features according to your permissions, visualize project progress and push tasks through the workflow. Task tracking eliminates the need for status update meetings, since everything can be tracked in Easy Project.

Key features:

  • Update of tasks according to workflow and user permissions
  • Update of task features such as tracker, assignee, % done, due date, priority, status, etc.
  • Task update through inline editing
  • Task options such as move, merge, create sub-task, etc.
  • No more need for status update meetings

Time Tracking for efficiency and planning

Time tracking is the key to efficient time management and planning. It allows employees to efficiently utilize their time and managers to monitor spent time and use it as a reference for future project planning. 

Key features:

  • Time tracking by projects/tasks/users/activities
  • Custom exportable reports
  • Spent time sheet by defined period of time
  • Easy time logging by workers
  • Stopwatch for exact time tracking on tasks


Checklists can easily increase work organisation, motivation and productivity. They eliminate the possibility of forgetting a step and make delivery of repetitive tasks more efficient and with fewer mistakes. 

Key Features:

  • Project level module
  • Ability to create templates through Administration
  • Role-based permissions
  • Unlimited number of items within a checklist
  • Changes can be saved to history


Workflows allow you to define, execute and automate business processes, eliminating chaos and coordinating tasks between employees. Easy Project allow you to set task permissions and workflows based on user types.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable status transitions and field permissions
  • Dependency on roles and trackers
  • Prevents users from doing undesirable changes on tasks
  • Improves safety and minimizes unwanted user activity

Meeting Calendar

Meeting planning can be a tedious process, involving dozens of emails. With Meeting Calendar, you can easily organize personal, team and project meetings, check your colleagues' availability and send  invitations to their emails.

Key features:

  • Meeting entries with name, date, time, agenda, project and invitations
  • Check of user availability for meeting planning
  • Meeting invitations sent to e-mail with accept/deny options
  • Setting of recurring meetings
  • Integration with other calendars via iCal (Google, Outlook)

Activity Feed

Activity feed - the fastest way to find out about the latest task updates. It is always accessible on your sidebar, where you can see updated tasks and last comments, thus completely eliminates the need for email notifications.

Key Features:

  • Ability to follow tasks in which you are the author, coworker, and assignee
  • Visualization of the updated tasks with the latest comments
  • Always available on the right sidebar
  • Can be added as a module on a personalized page
  • No more need for email notifications

Team Chat

Stay in touch with your colleagues, remote teams and work from home employees. Easy Project offers integrated communication tool - instant chat, always available on the right sidebar. Available in all paid subscription plans.

Key features:

  • Accessible from the right sidebar
  • User search
  • User messages for quick communication
  • Chat history
  • Sound and visual notification

Action Buttons

Cut down the number of steps necessary for a task update. Simply open a list of tasks and drag & drop one to the pre-set Action Button, which can perform any kind of task update, including change of assignee, tracker or priority.

Key Features:

  • Task update with drag & drop
  • Update of any task features
  • Customization and coloring of buttons
  • Supports custom fields
  • Complete overview of buttons accessible through More menu

Agile Management

Kanban - Personal & Team boards

Get an overview of work to be done and current status of tasks with personal & team Kanban Boards. Simply implement it on your personal or team dashboard and update and re-assign tasks with drag & drop without leaving your dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Proven agile methodology for your company
  • Project-level module
  • Module can be added to any personalized page
  • Drag & drop task update and re-assignment
  • Overview of personal & team tasks

Agile Board for SCRUM, KANBAN

Agile Board displays tasks and gives you a clear and adaptable way of viewing, managing and reporting on work in progress. Choose between SCRUM or KANBAN - to benefit from their unique advantages and features.


Key features:

  • Switch between SCRUM and KANBAN frameworks
  • Move tasks from project backlog into a sprint
  • Drag & drop tasks on a sprint
  • Various types of swimlanes
  • Create as many sprints as you need

Burndown Chart for smooth sprint commitment

Perform in-depth analysis of progress patterns for timely sprint completion with Burndown Chart. Compare ideal versus real work remaining, identify a working pattern and make sure that sprint commitment is smoothly met


Key features:

  • Chart displaying ideal versus real work remaining
  • One of the most common sprint tracking mechanisms used by Agile practitioners
  • Bars displaying number of the remaining and completed tasks
  • Predicts when all of the work will be completed
  • 4 indicators: Ideal work remaining, Real work remaining, Tasks remaining, Tasks completed

Backlogs for organisation of agile projects

Creation of weekly backlog is easy with Easy Project and will only take couple of minutes. Simply construct Product Backlog using drag & drop from the pool of tasks, and then create weekly Sprint Backlog during your stand-up meeting.

Key Features:

  • Product backlog with pool of tasks
  • Sprint backlog with tasks for sprint in progress
  • Drag & drop of tasks between backlogs
  • Task filters within backlogs
  • Ordering of tasks by priority

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Statement

Create Portfolio Statements and reports in a few clicks. You can easily create portfolio budget, spent time, resource, etc. and using integrated charts & graphs, transform them into a full report ready for presentation. 

Key Features:

  • Portfolio statements for budgets, spent time, resources, etc.
  • Easily customizable
  • Select from a long list of various columns to show
  • Transformation into graphs & charts
  • Export options (CSV, XLSX, PDF, print)

Portfolio Tree

Get overview of all the projects at one glance with Portfolio Tree. It allows you to see all your projects with colour indicators for overdue projects/tasks, number of spent and remaining hours, current statuses and any other important project features.

Key Features:

  • Quick overview of all projects
  • Easily integrable in your personal dashboard
  • Full customization through options
  • Some of the features: color indicators, spent/remaining time, current status, etc.
  • Advanced filtering options

Portfolio Gantt

A must-have for every portfolio manager - Portfolio Gantt, for accurately planed projects and eagle view management. It allows you to instantly see current vs planned performance, resource and cash flows that are spent on each project.

Key Features:

  • Daily/weekly/monthly views
  • Time grid with the display of all project and their completion status
  • Resources spent overview per project and overall
  • Cash flows overview per project and overall
  • Project filtering according to the priority and status

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