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AI-accelerated project management with Easy AI

Your 24/7 personal AI assistant that accelerates daily routines and frees up your time for high-value work.

Coming in September 2024.

Engineered with leading-edge AI technologies

Key features & capabilities

Find answers in seconds

No more frustrating searches for information. Ask Easy AI to instantly provide answers based on your connected data sources.

Summarise lengthy discussions

Get highlights on any topic from tasks, comments, and meeting notes with just one click.

Write clearer, faster

Ask Easy AI to articulate your text precisely as you intend, with the appropriate voice, tone, length, and level of detail for your audience.

Translate your text

Simplify technical jargon for a non-technical audience or convert your text into various languages, including German, Spanish, French, and more.

Turn notes into action items

Use Easy AI to analyse meeting notes and generate the next steps for you, so you can focus on execution.

Connect your data sources

Connect your website, documents, knowledge base, or any other data source to Easy AI while ensuring the full safety of your data.

AI with full data privacy & security

Leverage the power of AI to accelerate your daily project work while keeping your sensitive company data safe.

Your AI = Your Data

No one else but you can access and work with your company data.

Secure data encryption

Your data is encrypted in-transit using TLS 1.2 or greater.

GDPR compliance

Fully compliant with GDPR standards and European privacy legislation.

Secure Cloud or On-premises

Have Easy AI installed locally on your server or on a private GDPR-compliant cloud instance.

Security & admin tools

Safeguard your workspace with customisable admin settings and access permissions.

SAML single sign-on

Easy AI can be accessed by your employees using SAML-based SSO identity authentication.

Freedom of choice

Your Easy AI can be powered by OpenAI or full privacy open-source AI.

Switch between them as you like.

Cloud & On-premises deployment of Easy AI

Benefit from the unique flexibility of choosing between cloud hosting or on-premises deployment for your Easy AI.

  • Retain complete control and security over your software and data with our on-premises solution
  • Manage the on-premises server yourself or let us manage it for you
  • Switch between the cloud and your own server and back when you need to

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can Easy AI be deployed on-premises?
What LLM (AI service) is Easy AI using?
Is Easy AI open-source?

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