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Meet Easy Project implementation team

Stana is the most experienced Easy Project consultant of our team, with close to 10 years of experience. She has experience with implementations in companies of all shapes and sizes. Stana has experience in academia, non-profit and business sectors, possesses excellent analytical skills and has publications, including Project Management according to IPMA.

Speaks: EN
EP expert in: Project Management according to IPMA/PMI
Focus: Team leader and partner management

Easy Project - Stana Salkova Nechvilova

Klara holds a MSc degree in IT. She has special interest and in-depth knowledge of automotive, production and software development industries and plenty of experience in large-scale business implementations. She is very analytical in her work and is great at breaking down and explaining any complex feature. 

Speaks: EN, DE, RU, CZ
EP expert in: Easy Gantt, Resource Management, CRM

Easy Project - Klara Zamazalova

Lilia is one of our most experienced Easy Project consultants. She has in-depth knowledge of all complex settings and often serves as our internal consultant. Lilia holds a degree in IT and at the moment concentrates more on custom product development.

Speaks: EN, RU, CZ
EP expert: Custom Development

Easy Project - Lilia Schmidt

Jan is our International Management expert with a Master's Degree in the related field. He specializes in manufacturing companies and has valuable experience in implementation of core project management features, visualization of data and setting of performance indicators. 

Speaks: EN, RU, CZ
EP expert in: Core project management & Data Visualization

Easy Project - Jan Rericha

Dagmar has gained vast project management experience in financial corporations. During her PhD studies, she became an expert in data analysis and synthesis. Now, she specializes in solutions for IT companies and research institutions. She enjoys studying specific requirements and bringing efficient solutions to clients.

Speaks: EN, ESP, CZ
EP expert: in Project management and CRM

Easy Project - Dagmar Kusnirova

Eliska is our Easy Project consultant with vast experiene collected across different continents and companies. She has both academic and hands-on Project Management experience. Eliska has worked with NGOs and manufacturing businesses and has extensive experience with resource and finance management. 

Speaks: EN, ESP, CZ
EP expert: Context analysis & unique solutions 

Gabriela is our project management expert in Logistics & Engineering industries. She has extensive training in IPMA/PMI and PRINCE2 project management techniques and can easily help clients to integrate those in their daily management. Gabriela has also extensive managerial experience in NGOs and educational project. 

Speaks: EN, ESP, CZ
EP expert: Help Desk and CRM

Gabriela Hynkova - Easy Project


The purpose of the Easy Project implementation service is to adapt the software to the clients' projects and processes and deliver maximum value from Easy Projects. Our consultants are familiar with most frequently used PM methodologies, especially PMI, IPMA and PRINCE2. Each consultant has extensive experience from dozens (even hundreds) of implementations across different industries and company sizes. We always appoint a consultant with relevant experience for your industry; addressed challenges and preferred languages.


Why professional implementation by Easy Project

It is known fact that success of new software deployment in an organization is rather subject of adoption by people and their daily work than just set of features and functions of any software. At the same time, well driven business implementation is bringing to customers:

  • Shorter time to full deployment and full operations readiness

  • Learn about best PM practice from our consultants and adopt those in your teams and processes

  • Faster and happier adoption of software by users and teams through proper implementation of productivity tools.

  • Meeting the project plan (time and budget)

  • Training of your staff will help you to adopt your system for ongoing changes in your business life.

For on-site implementation and local services we may find a suitable partner for you. Just contact us.


Individual scope

Please contact us to discuss your project in details and get tailored proposal which address your needs.

Our hourly rate is 69 EUR.

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General conditions

"- All meetings are delivered through virtual meeting solution. All participants shall attend individually and be equipped with headset."

"- All packages of services have dedicated and fixed number of hours. Easy Project consultant can provide spent time report on request."

"- If not stated explicitly otherwise, implementation is delivered in English, all documents and written documentation will be delivered in English."


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