We are here to help you with original or custom setting in Easy Project. We train, transfer data, configure the settings and would love to see you happy.

Meet Easy Project’s implementation team

Jan is a leader of Consulting team, that implements system all around the world. He coordinates a portfolio of implementation projects, including ongoing partners‘ implementations. Also, he managed 100+ implementations of the system in all the different companies. Therefore, he had an opportunity to see various project management styles and processes.

Jan’s specialization lies in manufacturing companies, data visualization, especially KPIs. He loves dashboards.

Languages: CZ, EN, RU

Easy Project - Jan Rericha

Mariavittoria is an Italian globetrotter : she graduated in Switzerland as translator and she's fluent in French, English and German. After 2 years experience in Apple and almost 3 years experience as technical recruiter, where she was supporting European companies to scout and hire motivated and reliable talents, she decided to move back to IT industry as sales consultant, to support companies in evaluating and implementing software solutions useful to handle successfully projects and resources - key elements for a sustainable growth and a happy business environment. She loves cooking, travelling and painting and can show you how easy it is to make your business profitable, with Easy Redmine and Easy Project.

Mariavittoria Ciniglio - Easy Software

Magda has more than five years of experience in the IT industry. Gaining experience in multiple international companies she specializes in software implementation, integration and consultancy. Her holistic approach combines technical knowledge and customer orientation ensuring effective and successful implementation.

Languages: CZ, EN, DE

Magdalena Hellerová - Easy Software

Dagmar has gained vast project management experience in financial corporations. During her Ph.D. studies, she became an expert in data analysis and synthesis. Now, she specializes herself in solutions for IT companies and research institutions. She enjoys studying specific requirements and bringing efficient solutions to clients.

Speaks: EN, ESP, CZ

Expert for industry: banking, non-profit, services (commerce)

Expert for plugins: Gantt, WBS, Resource management, Finance, CRM, Scrum

Easy Project - Dagmar Kusnirova

Ludmila is a consultant with extensive experience in marketing operations and sales. Upon completing her studies of economics and management, she gained experience with SAP CRM, Jira, and MS office solutions. She enjoys brainstorming new features with programmers and delivering a solution that best fits client's needs. She prefers to spend her free time in the countryside or attending music concerts and modern art galleries.


Ludmila Pípalová - Easy Software

Gabriela is our SCRUM master and project management expert in engineering industries and software development. She has good knowledge about IPMA/PMI project management techniques and also she is very interested in agile methods. 

Speaks: EN, ESP, CZ
Expert for plugins: Gantt, Resource management, WBS, imports, Help Desk
Expert for industry: architecture/construction, software development, education, government

Gabriela Hynkova - Easy Project

Roman has more than six years of experience in consulting and client-facing roles. He has been primarily focusing on the fields of energy & utilities, research & development, and life sciences. In the past, he also participated in several international projects. Roman holds a master’s degree in numerical modeling. He loves traveling and coffee.

Speaks: EN, CZ
Expert for plugins: Resource Management, Budgets, CRM, Help Desk
Expert for industry: Software development, Consulting, Energy, Utilities, Life sciences, R&D

Roman Šigut - Easy Software

David is an experienced Project Manager with PMP (PMI) and PRINCE2 certifications. He has around over ten years of experience working as Project Manager on various internal and customer projects mainly from ICT area.

Speaks: EN, ESP, CZ

Expert for plugins: Helpdesk, CRM, Risk management, imports

Expert for industry: MarketingIT, Telco, Utilities

David Pavlíček - Easy Software


The purpose of the Easy Project implementation service is to adapt the software to clients' projects and processes and deliver maximum value. Our consultants are familiar with the most frequently used PM methodologies, especially PMI, IPMA and PRINCE2. Each consultant has extensive experience from dozens (even hundreds) of implementations across different industries and company sizes. We always appoint a consultant with relevant experience for your industry who has addressed similar challenges and speaks your preferred languages.

Why professional implementation by Easy Project?

It is a known fact that the success of new software deployment in an organization is quantified by adoption by people and their daily work than just a set of features and functions. At the same time, well-driven business implementation brings to customers:

  • A shorter time to full deployment and full operations readiness
  • Education about best PM practices from our consultants and adopting those into your teams and processes
  • Faster and happier adoption of software by users and teams through proper implementation of productivity tools.
  • Meeting the project plan (time and budget)
  • Training your staff to help you adopt your system for ongoing changes in your business life.

For on-site implementation and local services, we can find a suitable partner for you. Just contact us.

Pre-defined packages

Pre-defined packages serve clients which expect to configure the system mostly by their own resources but want to be sure about the success of the project and getting all the power of Easy Project.

1. Basic Implementation (2 man-days)

General: Package for users who want to receive the Easy Project adjusted by professionals

  • Scope: Customization of default Easy Project configuration so you can start working immediately. Recommended for max 20 users.
  • Includes:
    • Customization of four global roles
    • User accounts
    • Up to two task types with different custom field and statuses
    • Several basic custom fields
    • Customization of default filters and reports
    • Customization of three templates for users’ homepages
    • Project tree for Waterfall projects

2. Advanced Implementation (4 man-days)

General: Package for users who want to increase effectivity of their projects and users by optimal configuration of Easy Project.

  • Scope: Custom configuration of Easy Project to support your unique internal processes and to make your business run smoothly. Recommended for max 50 users.
  • Includes:
    • Customization of global roles & setting up new unique roles
    • Adjustments of project data visibility and access (permissions)
    • User accounts
    • Multiple task types
    • Different statuses for tasks (basic workflow)
    • Custom fields according to your needs
    • Default filters adjusted to your needs
    • Saved filters necessary for reporting
    • Six types of user homepages
    • Project dashboards templates
    • Reporting dashboards with KPIs and charts
    • Project tree for Waterfall and Agile projects

3. Complex Implementation (8 man-days)

General: Package for exacting users who want to get the best customization

  • Scope: Complete setting of Easy Project according to all needs of your departments and divisions.
  • Includes:
    • Analysis of company’s project structure and its most suitable implementation in Easy Project
    • Customization of global roles & setting up new unique roles
    • Adjustments of project data visibility and access (permissions)
    • User accounts
    • Multiple task types
    • Configuration of task workflow which supports different processes
    • Rich set of custom fields to better segment your business
    • Project structure according to product, departments or divisions
    • Default filters adjusted to your needs
    • Saved filters necessary for your reporting
    • Users homepages
    • Project dashboards
    • Tailor-made reporting dashboards with KPI indicators, charts and gauges
    • Project tree for Waterfall and Agile projects
    • Import of existing projects from different software

4. Resource Management Implementation (1 man-day)

General: Setting up Resource Planning and Resource Dashboard

  • Scope: Resource Management configuration and best practices
  • Includes:
    • Training for Easy Project Resource management functionality
    • Configuration of Resource Management
    • Resource Dashboard
    • Up to 5 saved filters and default filter
    • Resource dashboard (focused on modules explanation)
    • Important dependencies with other plugins
    • Attendance management configuration

5. Help Desk Implementation (3 man-days)

General: Setting up Help Desk module

  • Scope: Help Desk implementation (basic PM as pre-requisite)
  • Includes:
    • Guidelines on how to connect your mailbox
    • Analyses of Help-Desk processes
    • Configuration of Help-Desk projects
    • Help desk tickets workflow
    • Homepage for Help-Desk operator and Help-Desk manager
    • General Help-Desk dashboard
    • Setting up Action Buttons
    • Up to 5 saved filters and default filter
    • SLA
    • Email templates
    • Training

6. CRM Implementation (3 man-days)

General: Setting up CRM module

  • Scope: CRM implementation (basic PM as pre-requisite)
  • Includes:
    • Tailor-made CRM cases statuses
    • Segmentation of CRM cases using custom fields
    • Training on using CRM cases and Sales Activities
    • General CRM dashboard with pipelines and forecasts
    • Homepage for Account Managers and Sales Director,
    • Up to 5 saved filters and default filter
    • Targets and KPI monitoring
    • Structure of Contact database
    • CRM projects structure

7. Finances Implementation (3 man-days)

General: Setting up Project Budget module

  • Scope: Project budgets implementation (basic PM as pre-requisite)
  • Includes:
    • Tailor made reporting page with charts and indicators
    • Custom homepage for finance manager
    • Training on using Budget module
    • Configuration of rates for automatic calculations

8. Custom Scope Implementation

Easy Software has large experiences with various industries and large projects. We are ready to consult your specific needs and tailor implementation scope and process accordingly. Please contact us and our consultants will get back to you shortly.

Aside from what is mentioned above, we will gladly help you with:

  • Large imports and migrations
  • GDPR compliance
  • Business dashboards (Business Intelligence reporting)
  • Integration with other systems
  • Tailor-made documentation for users
  • LDAP connectivity to Active Directory
  • Regular meetings and intense consultations
  • Customized Lectures and workshops for users and administrators
  • On-site implementation and/or trainings
  • Assessment of your unique implementation requests and analysis of required scope


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