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All about Easy Project Private Cloud

The private cloud is designed for clients who need the top security, speed, and availability of Easy Project. The private cloud provides clients with features of their own dedicated server while saving their internal IT resources. It is always deployed in the closest geolocation for maximum connectivity and speed.

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Why move your Easy Project to private cloud

  • The highest security possible
  • Dedicated to a single business or organization
  • Customizable cloud configuration
  • Pre-defined setup defaults
  • Scalable storage space
  • Backups, encryption, IP filtering, anti-virus, etc.

Map of hosting centers

Features & services

 Easy cloudPrivate cloud
24/7 system administrators    
Permanent hardware and application monitoring    
Security updates    
LDAP support    
Regular backups    
99.9% long term uptime    
24/7 hotline for emergencies    
RAID mirroring    
Encryptions & firewalls    
IP filtering & reports    
Performance upgrades    
Storage space upgrade to 400GB    
Custom frequency of backups    
Backups on client‘s premises    
Guaranteed availability    
Custom encryptions consulted    
Anti-virus on demand    
VPN on demand    

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Pre-defined bundle

We came up with a pre-defined setup based on our experience and familiarity with the software itself. We are confident this setup will be more than enough for applications up-to 500 users:

  • Intel Xeon E-2136 - 6 cores/12 threads, 32 GB RAM DDR4 EEC, 400 GB storage space.
  • In Europe, we provide an even better configuration than the pre-defined setup.
  • Higher configurations consulted individually.

Storage space

While it is possible to request additional storage space we recommend not to. Our server administrators will monitor the usage and you will be informed after reaching 80% of the capacity. This is our way of making sure you will not have to pay for what you do not use.


We are able to offer a modification for the backup generation as well. The frequency can be slightly altered and if having two backups in different data centers is not enough – get in touch. We can make sure a third backup would be generated and shared with you. Backups to the client’s premises can be configured.


It is quite possible there are some standards you are used to. While difficult to promise we can accommodate any request in this area, we will be happy to consult individually and do as much as we can to meet your requirements.

IP filtering

Our server administrators are able to restrict access to a specified list of IP addresses of your choosing. A list of IPs that logged into the client’s application can also be generated upon request.


Our server administrators, 10 years of cloud experience and consultations with external experts proved that an anti-virus software is not necessary. It is one of the things that allows us to keep the prices reasonable. We also work with a lot of SW developers and we have had the experience of commercial anti-virus tools evaluating their codes as viruses -  thus causing more harm than benefit. However, we also understand some companies have to follow certain rules and regulations.

One of these award-winning software products can be provided on the private cloud:

  • ESET
  • ClamAV by Cisco


Get in touch with your Account Manager if you think any information is missing and we will follow-up!

For more information, please check out Easy Cloud.

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