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The Enterprise Excellence:
Flexibility, Security, Scale

  • Fully scalable open-source platform
  • Top security for enterprise data
  • Flexible platform for effective team collaboration
  • No vendor constraints

Easy Project
The enterprise game-changer

  • Unified team management: Connect development, support, sales, and marketing teams on one platform.
  • Robust integrations: Easy Project integrates smoothly with your existing enterprise tools to streamline processes and support productivity.
  • Enterprise agility: Flexible and adaptable, Easy Project is designed for the dynamic pace of enterprise workflows, offering customizable features for every department.
  • World-class optimization: From project inception to delivery, Easy Project provides tools to keep all your teams aligned and moving forward together.

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Next-level project managements



Easy Project can automate critical enterprise operations, such as 24/7 automated customer service and automated converting emails into tasks. Its attendance automation plugin simplifies resource management, enhancing productivity and reducing overheads.

Automation capabilities provide you with a strategic advantage. Automating routine and time-consuming tasks frees up your valuable resources, allowing you to focus on growth and innovation.


Easy Project workflow management allows you to take role-based control over tasks, ensuring smooth project progression and compliance. 

Key features include customizable task statuses for efficient workflow and data integrity through role-specific field permissions. These workflow process optimizations help increase your team’s productivity and resource allocation.


Streamline enterprise budget management with Easy Project’s Finance Plugin, enabling detailed project budget tracking, financial statements, and cash flow forecasts. The Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) plugin graphically represents the financial aspects of projects, integrating with WBS and Budgets plugins for thorough financial data analysis. 


Get better visibility and transparency with customizable dashboards for every user, project, and team. From task management to project statistics and resource management, each dashboard integrates a variety of data displays, including graphical outputs like charts and reports. 

Build your enterprise with confidence

Enterprise Open Source leader

Easy Project is the world’s leading Jira alternative, offering open source agility and commercial-grade features.

Customer Success team

Our team delivers expert, personalized support to help you conquer challenges and reach your goals.

Flexibility by design

Install it on the cloud or on-premises, and leverage our global network for peak performance.

Streamlined project management

Manage resources, deadlines, and budgets effortlessly with Easy Project's intuitive tools.

Effortless data migration

Transition smoothly with Easy Project’s straightforward migration support, tailored to replace any system.

Accelerated project completion

Power through each project phase with Easy Project's unique features designed for efficiency and speed.

Easy Project brings more

Easy Project delivers a comprehensive suite tailored to enterprise needs, encompassing project management, development, delivery, and product support. Integrate all your business functions and teams within a unified platform.

  • Knowledge Management: Centralize your intellectual capital.
  • Code Integration: Connect with GitLab for streamlined development cycles.
  • Customer Support: Enhance client relations with our integrated HelpDesk.
  • Resource Allocation: Optimize team workload and capacity planning.
  • Time Management: Track efforts accurately for insightful project billing.

Created for enterprise integrations

Empower your operations with Easy Project’s extended integration framework, designed to bring value to every enterprise.

Sync and import data efficiently from key business platforms including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, Jira, Asana, Zapier, Redmine, Cardav, and Caldav, ensuring your workflow is as integrated as your business.

Waterfall? Agile? Utilize both

Easy Project equips large companies with an array of project management tools, including Gantt charts, Scrum boards, and customizable Kanban. Catering to diverse methodologies, teams can seamlessly toggle between Waterfall and Agile within a unified system.

Customizable enterprise dashboards

Gain executive oversight with customizable dashboards, tailored to key enterprise functions from team performance to delivery metrics. Our adaptable dashboards provide immediate, actionable insights for strategic alignment and decision-making.

Centralized Knowledge Management

Consolidate critical corporate knowledge within a singular, accessible repository. Our Knowledge Base excels in archiving comprehensive resources - from in-depth manuals to step-by-step guides. Ensure immediate access to essential data for all your teams.

Asset & configuration mastery

Optimize asset oversight with our Assets & Configuration Management system, tailored for the sophisticated needs of large companies. Centralize and manage software licenses and hardware specs in one unified platform. All with customizable data fields and direct asset-to-task linkage.

+ 56%

Higher efficiency

+ 75%

Improved teamwork

+ 32%

Time savings

+ 81%

Increased productivity

+ 57%

Resource savings

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