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Why use the all-in-one project management tool?

5 minutes
Veronika Galíková

Still searching for ways to improve your productivity? Have you considered an all-in-one PM tool that combines task management, resource allocation, and progress tracking in a user-friendly platform? 

So, whether you continue your struggle or already have some project management software, familiarize yourself with the all-in-one solution that comes with Easy Project!

Table of contents

Project management in the all-in-one solution
3 features to upgrade your workflow
Support of all-in-one PM tool
Streamline your project management

Project management in the all-in-one solution 

No doubt, project management systems are popular and essential tools for hundreds of companies. But let's be honest – using (or even considering using) a PM tool, sooner or later you will experience a lack of several functions you demand. Luckily, there is Easy Project, an all-in-one universal project management tool designed to meet all your needs in one seamless platform.

Let's say you need to:

  • Divide your project into smaller units to get your work better organized -->  Easy Project: Work Breakdown Structure for project decomposition and Mind Maps.
  • Get a clear and up-to-date overview of your resources' capacities -->  Easy Project: Resource Management.
  • Plan the milestones and tasks chronology --> Easy Project: Gantt Chart.

Gantt Chart in Easy Project project management tool

“Imagine your project management software is fast, pretty, and full of tools you need. Plus, it is always available as a native mobile app.“

Jan Pavera, Project Manager in Easy Software, Ltd.

3 features to upgrade your workflow

Easy Project enhances project and team management, helps deliver performance, and flexibility. Review the top 3 most popular benefits of this PM tool (and the features behind them):

  • Modern interface: still simple and easy to use, but much more user-friendly and enjoyable.
  • Mobile app: new native app boosts your flexibility: create and assign tasks, different types of tasks, respond with quick comments, and track your time from wherever,
  • Instant results: no matter how much data you go through, applying Dynamic filters will significantly speed up your searching.

Support of all-in-one PM tool

Choosing the right project management software for your company is a project itself: it requires deep research and perfect knowledge of your processes (and also what you want to improve and why). And, when you finally choose the one, there comes another big task: implementation.

At this point, you can 100% rely on the Easy Project team – by upgrading, you receive the following:

  • Software implementation: migration causes stress to many, and we know it. But we promise that migrating to Easy Project is easy. You will get a dedicated implementation expert who will guide you through the process and ensure your migration is flawless.
  • Professional support: ask about anything and get your answers directly from the creators. Conversations with and feedback from our customers are an important part of our inspiration for development. 
  • Integration: you can integrate this platform with almost whatever tool you use. Let's simply name some: MS Excel, MS Project, Jira, or Asana. You can also get a two-click integration with GitLab and run the application on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Streamline your project management

Easy Project offers top-notch project management tools all in one app. By providing comprehensive features such as tracking progress through detailed reports and visual dashboards, it helps you stay on top of your project timeline. For those embracing agile project management, Easy Project supports Scrum and Kanban boards, making it easier to adapt to changes and deliver projects efficiently. Its creators work with it daily and constantly upgrade it. These same people will help you with smooth implementation, integration, and migration, too.

Give it a try and see how it works compared to project management software with your current tool.

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