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Media company Boomerang Publishing uses Easy Project in its full extend - project planning, resource utilization, invoice flow, making orders and monitoring of finance the financial profitability of each project. The company has more than 5000 active projects in Easy Project.

Required solution

  • Simple detection of contracts' profitability, automatic comparing of planned and actual condition of finances for the project
  • Intuitive recording of time worked
  • Automation of invoice approval process - including communicating with the accounting firm

Original condition

One IS for time recording and contact management plus system of Excel spreadsheets, emails and forms in Word. Manual and multiple entering of the same data into different tables to determine the actual condition.

After Easy Project implementation

Unified and transparent system accessible online. Each user simply accesses the data he needs (does not search a variety of spreadsheets and other files). Clearly visible where the budget is overdrawn.

The most useful features:

  • Project templates - easy and quick contract planning
  • Monitoring of planned time utilization.
  • Automatic generation of order
  • Monitoring actual condition of project finances via connection with accounting.
  • Clarification entering requests via messengers
  • Easy time recording.
  • Easy transfer of invoices to an external accounting firm
  • Linking with accounting system Helios.

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