PeckaDesign - project management of webdesign

"We create custom web solutions in PeckaDesign . We enjoy this job. For 10 years, we keep the highest workmanship quality of your projects." They switched to project management in Easy Project from Basecamp which was insufficient due to its simplicity.


The goal is to effectively manage projects of web solutions development and coordinate their subsequent support in accordance with signed SLAs.

Automation of support process and overview of the workers' tasks and capacity utilization, are two essential points that the company needs to deal with.

Original condition

Basecamp was used for internal communication and for communication with clients, which couldn't handle more complex business processes in the firm due its simplicity.

After Easy Project implementation

The most essential change is automation of support. After receiving a request via email, the task is automatically created, to which priority and resolving time is assigned according to set parameters by the SLA.

Support operator distributes the task further and supervises to its timely resolution.

The company's management has an overview of the current project status and fulfillment of the company's plans. 

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