From information to wisdom: Easy Project's
Knowledge Base

Keep your team informed and efficient with Easy Project's Knowledge Base – your company's wisdom, just a click away. Secure your valuable know-how effortlessly.

  • MediaWiki technology
  • 100% Open Source

Collect, store it, share it

Knowledge is vital for success, which is why we provide a powerful solution for integrating knowledge management into Easy Project.

Knowledge Base allows you to efficiently organise your company's knowledge and essential documentation, ensuring it is securely stored and shared effortlessly among users.

Advanced features of our Knowledge Base

Easy creation of knowledge articles and blogs
Connection with tasks and projects
Wiki structured content
Change and version management
Rich visual editing
Full text search in Knowledge Base
Search cross application
Centralized user and rights management
Usable for dashboard or homepage
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Knowledge Base to simplify your day

All your know-how in one place

Keep all your documents organised in one location:

  • Technical and IT documentation
  • Integrated management system to meet standardization requirements
  • Process documentation

Keep your teams informed and efficient

Knowledge Base keeps everyone aligned and assists you in numerous day-to-day situations:

  • When a colleague leaves the company, they can transfer their know-how and crucial information here
  • When a new colleague joins the company, you can ensure a smooth onboarding process

Knowledge Base that stands out

  • Built on MediaWiki technology and BlueSpice distribution
  • Seamlessly integrated with tasks, projects, and the entire Easy Project suite
  • Benefits from open-source solutions (own code, maintain high security, advanced web technologies)
  • Available both in the cloud and as an on-premise solution

Store knowledge, save time

Say goodbye to repetitive questions and endless searches for answers. Knowledge Base consolidates all your information in one tool, saving everyone's time:
  • No more tool-switching
  • Instant one-click access for all employees 
  • Effortless sharing with colleagues
  • Complete overview and powerful search

Easy Project brings your Knowledge Base to the next level


Easy Project

Project management software adapted to your needs

Easy Project is a complete and scalable project solution featuring next-level plug-ins, advanced features, and a refreshed mobile design. It ensures more efficient project management, clearer communication, an improved user experience, and saves you valuable time. It can be expanded with plug-ins for Resources, Agile, Finances, CRM, HelpDesk, and DevOps.

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What do users say?


Managing Director
Minkenberg Medien GmbH
We use Easy Project to simplify our work in managing projects. We made a few tweaks ourselves to this Open source application, but we are overall very satisfied.


Operations Manager
We adopted Easy Project six months ago in order to control all of our web projects. We are very happy as we now have a strong visibility in terms of control of costs and staffing resources and we also have a powerful tool for interaction with our customers.

IPMA & PMI standards compatible

SHINE Consulting Ltd.- holder of accreditation of the Project Management Training Program “Project Management in Practice” (International Standard IPMA) and is also a member of the PMI R.E.P. Registered Education Provider. **The PMI Registered Education Provider logo is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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