Project management in a production company Hobra-Školník

Hobra-Školník is East-Bohemian company producing and supplying industrial filtration and isolation technology across Europe. They acquired Easy Project under the IT operational program in companies, and they use it for the new product development, project research , marketing and sales.

Required solution

More efficient internal communication, task assignment and projects coordination in the non-manufacturing parts of the business - sales, marketing, logistics, complaints, research and development.

Project management support software 

Most frequently used functions

  • Tasks assignment, task controlling, work flow
  • Project portfolio management
  • Task work flow - complaint process managing 

The extent of implementation - Recovery Software

  • Project coordination, task assignment, deadline monitoring
  • Own IT infrastructure implementation
  • Approximately 20 users
  • GD8 - establishing of standardized complaint process
  • Support for project management implementation
  • Operation on customer's own servers

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