Meeting calendar (discontinued from version 11)

How to use Meeting calendar (discontinued from version 11)

The video tutorial

Meeting calendar can be opened from the top menu (calendar icon) or by adding /easy_calendar in the URL.

This is how the calendar looks like.

Above you can choose the view you want, day, week or month. And also, what you want to see in the meetings calendar. It is not only for meetings, you can display milestones, tasks, and attendance apart from meetings. You can also display individual users meetings. 

by clicking on a specific meeting, you will be able to see the details of the meeting.

You can see who is attending, what project does it concern and where the meeting takes place.


Creating an event

to create an event you just have to click the calendar blank space, this window will appear.

You can add the meeting name and date and time.

Select the privacy level of the meeting:

  • Public - all users see all information about the meeting
  • Private - other users see only time and name of the meeting
  • Confidential - other users see only time of the meeting

You can choose whether you want the meeting to be repeated, where it takes place, in which meeting room etc. For performance reasons, the maximum amount of created repeatings is limited to 31. To continue the series, a new repeated meeting needs to be created after reaching this limit.

By writing the name of a coworker the system will show him to you, so you do not have to scroll to find a name. Like this, you can invite users you want to attend. You can also invite external people by adding their email address. After you select the users to invite, you can also choose whether to send the invitation e-mail to the participants right away or 7 days before the start of the meeting. If the meeting is created less than 7 days before its planned start, the latter option will act as send now.

Using the "iCal URL for events export" feature in the bottom of the meeting calendar, it is possible to quickly export meetings and out-of-work attendance records (such as vacations and sick leaves). At-work attendance records (such as office and home office) will not be exported. At-work status can be changed for each attendance category in Administration > Attendance settings.

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