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What are the most prominent case studies?

  • myComfort – Smart Home solutions delivery improved by project management software

  • PPF Bank - Complete project life-cycle management in the banking sector

  • JIRI models – Project management innovations supported by Easy Project

  • Bosch Diesel – Project portfolio management in the production industry

  • Schneider Electric – Change management in the production industry

  • Wirtgen America - Support system for heavy machinery

  • Odense Letbane – Interface Management in the public transportation industry





Easy Project nous a permis de prendre le contrôle de nos projets, être plus efficace et avoir des points de vue stratégiques sur nos projets que nous n’avions pas auparavant. Le service support d’Easy Project nous a aidé à répondre à nos besoins uniques.

Easy Project Client -  David R. Grow
David R. Grow
CompliancePoint, Inc.

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Fondé sur une étude de plus de 40 000 utilisateurs d'Easy Project.


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Smart Home solutions delivery improved by project management software

myComfort - a small Czech business company providing both end-users and B2Bs with Smart Home solutions and technologies integration and implementation.

Before implementation of Easy Project, their project management was done by “the old style”, using pen & paper and some regular office software tools, which were sometimes causing chaos and miscommunication, decreasing efficiency and increasing uncertainty of the delivery process.

Therefore, they decided to look around for a suitable software tool to help them to fine-tune their business and project management processes. So there comes Easy Project.

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Easy Project Management Case Studies

Complete project life-cycle management in the banking sector

PPF Bank is a specialized corporate and investment bank providing financial consulting, banking and investment services especially in the Czech Republic, Middle, and Eastern Europe.

Before Easy Project implementation, PPF Banka was using classical Microsoft Office tools such as MS Excel (to track milestones, tasks, budget, and resources), MS PowerPoint (to create project status reports) and also MS Project (to track milestones and project schedule).

With Easy Project, they have obtained specialized but customizable tool for complex project life-cycle management including project scope management (WBS), schedule management with milestones (Gantt), project tasks management, sophisticated resource, and finance management, and software tool suitable for both, waterfall and agile project management approaches, providing instant access and online reporting to all involved users.

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Easy Project Management Case Studies

Project management innovations supported by Easy Project

JIRI models is a Czech company based in Pisek. The company focuses on publishing and merchandising products, mostly fun and creative books with popular children's motifs.

The philosophy of the company is to provide the market with high-quality, useful and aesthetically-pleasing products. Key markets, besides the Czech Republic, are Slovakia, Hungary, Belgium, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands and Germany, and more countries are constantly appearing.

We were implementing Easy Project to the headquarters and the creative department where many different products are being designed at the same time. To keep this process fluent, use the resources effectively and ensure the delivery in time, reliable tools are needed for the management, coordination, and communication.

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Easy Project Management Case Studies

Project portfolio management in the production industry

Bosch Diesel s.r.o in Jihlava is a Bosch Group subsidiary, which is running a plant that costs over 700 mil Euros.

Before Easy Project, management of the projects was predominantly done using multiple shared Excel sheets. Projects/production processes were initialized in the internal web system, where ordering party could define their demands, which were then manually transferred to an Excel sheet for planning and scheduling.

Thanks to accurate and perfectly visualized resource management in Easy Project, Bosch managers can communicate with the client the soonest delivery date. And this agreed delivery date could be fulfilled in reality because the resources are available as planned.

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Easy Project Management Case Studies

Change management in the production industry

Schneider Electric develops connected technologies and solutions to manage energy and processes in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable.

Before the implementation of Easy Project, the project management in Schneider Electric was done using Excel sheets, Outlook e-mail client, noticeboards in meeting rooms and endless meetings.

Easy Project templates include all the necessary steps and logical connections. These templates save time and provide guidelines for standard change-in-production processes.

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Easy Project Management Case Studies

Support system for heavy machinery

Wirtgen America provides service at more than 250 locations in the United States and Canada, operated by 35 dealers.

The main requirement for the new system was flexibility. Wirtgen needs to associate every support accident with a lot of additional information, such as who was the dealer, what was the brand and product line of the machine, etc.

The key benefit of using the Easy Project is that Wirtgen can have a robust issue tracking solution that is customized to Wirtgen’s requests. All the tickets are updated and reported to the management in the form of charts and graphs.

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Easy Project Management Case Studies

Interface management in the public transportation industry

Odense Letbane (Light Rail) is a planned tram system in Odense, Denmark. Under this project, a light rail track of 14.5 km is planned to be developed by 2020.

Easy Project has been selected by Odense Letbane to support the interface management processes and principles which are the backbone of their project organization.

In Easy Project each interface is represented by a task. It turned out that the interfaces can be easily managed through the tasks in the system. All the important information can be kept on the tasks using its native and custom fields we have implemented.

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Easy Project Management Case Studies

Compatible avec les standards IPMA & PMI

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SHINE Consulting Ltd.- Détenteur de l’accréditation du Programme d’Entraînement à la Gestion de Projet “Project Management in Practice” (Standard international IPMA) et est aussi membre du PMI R.E.P Registered Education Provider. **Le logo du PMI Registered Education Provider est une marque déposée du Project Management Institute, Inc.




100% GDPR compliance

Easy Software takes personal data protection seriously. European regulation known as general Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brings a number of challenges to all organizations and became one of the most resonated business topics.

Our mission is to provide Easy Project clients and basically all Project community with a reliable software which allows fulfilling all duties of Data Processors efficiently. Easy Project is 100% GDPR-ready from version 1.3 (May 2018).


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