All about Easy Project Private Cloud

The private cloud is designed for clients who need the top security, speed, and availability of Easy Project. The private cloud provides clients with features of their own dedicated server while saving their internal IT resources. It is always deployed in closest geolocation for maximum connectivity and speed.

Complete private cloud solution just from 199 €/month (for an annual subscription).

All about Easy Project Global Cloud

Easy Project cloud is the best solution for your Easy Project hosting. 10+ sites across the globe ensure the best connectivity and performance. The cloud includes Easy Project 2019, which is the newest Easy Project upgrade for highest user experience and the best project management.

Complete global cloud solution just from 6 € per user/month.

All about Easy Project Private Server

We know that on-premises Easy Project deployment is popular within the community. That's why Easy Software administrators strive to deliver the best server deployments. Get your Easy Project 2019 on VMware, VirtualBox, Docker or custom installation package for the easiest Easy Project upgrade.

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