Modern times require flexibility and rapid adaptation, which can be easily achieved through agile management. Easy Project is a usable solution for all agile methodologies including Scrum, Kanban, or a combination of both. Agile management ensures close collaboration and rapid adaptation even in the late stages of the project to achieve customer satisfaction. Agile management in Easy Project, used in many IT areas around the world, is ideal for all customer-oriented organizations that strive for efficient product delivery.

Sprint Dashboard

Monitor the progress of a sprint effectively with sprint dashboard. You've started a sprint with great plans. Just one glance at the dashboard and you make sure that your team is on track to deliver what they've committed to. Switch between Scrum and Kanban boards to your liking.

Key features:

  • Provides tools you can use to monitor the progress of a sprint
  • Visualizes problems so your team can take actions to remedy them
  • May serve as your central workspace for a sprint that's in progress
  • A practical dashboard for daily stand-up meetings of your team about active sprints
  • Customize the information featured on the dashboard

Agile Board for Scrum

Manage user stories and sprints with Easy Project. Easily update sprint using drag & drop during your stand up meeting and create personal scrum boards for scrum master and other workers. All of this is possible with Easy Project!

Key features:

  • Full compliance with Scrum methodology
  • Move tasks from project backlog into a sprint
  • Drag & drop tasks on a sprint
  • Various types of swimlanes
  • Create as many sprints as you need

Kanban – personal & team boards

Get an overview of work to be done and the current status of tasks with personal & team Kanban Boards. Simply implement these on your personal or team dashboard and update and re-assign tasks via drag & drop without leaving your dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Proven agile methodology for your company
  • Project-level module
  • Module can be added to any personalized page
  • Drag & drop task update and re-assignment
  • Overview of personal & team tasks

Backlogs for the organization of agile projects

Creation of a weekly backlog is easy with Easy Project and will only take a couple minutes. Simply construct a Product Backlog using drag & drop from the pool of tasks, and then create a weekly Sprint Backlog during your meeting.

Key Features:

  • Product backlog with pool of tasks
  • Sprint backlog with tasks for sprint in progress
  • Drag & drop of tasks between backlogs
  • Task filters within backlogs
  • Ordering of tasks by priority

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