What I as a CEO Like About the New Easy Project 11+

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Filip Morávek

Hello, my name is Filip Morávek and I am the CEO of Easy Software, the company behind Easy Project. For 14 years we have been connecting the world of technology with the best project management practices. And the new Easy Project 11+ is another key milestone on that journey. Let me tell you why.

It is a well-known fact that the work environment greatly affects our productivity. But nowadays it's not just about a nice office or a cozy workplace. The primary setting for work performance in the 21st century is the virtual environment. The smoothness of use, stability, performance, or the connection of individual elements are what influence the amount of work done these days. And that's exactly what the new Easy Project delivers.

“The smoothness of use, stability, performance,
or the connection of individual elements are
what influence the amount of work done these days.”

From the start, our philosophy has been about streamlining complex projects. This time, we've focused on optimizing your experience with the tool itself: so you can focus on the work and stay in the flow better.

The new version is the result of a meticulous overhaul: thanks to new technologies, it's faster, more stable, and can keep up with any hectic workflow. The new mobile app makes it more accessible. And thanks to the greater connectivity of the individual elements, everything you need is at your fingertips.

On behalf of the entire team, let me now take you through the main improvements of the new release.


1. Mind Maps

Anyone who has ever managed projects or teams knows well how quickly information can become overwhelming. A good way to put all thoughts in order is to structure them visually. I personally use mind maps for a wide variety of things - both in personal and professional life.

In the 11+ version, we decided to implement this handy tool. You may organize your thoughts, plan the project details and quickly assign your ideas to individual projects.


2. B2B CRM

As a B2B company, we needed a robust CRM that would allow us to control the entire sales process. Well, we created it ourselves and now you can try it as well.

Project management and sales are not two separate things. The tighter you integrate them, the more you gain.

Our new B2B CRM will help you operate leads easily and efficiently. You may follow the route of any lead from the very beginning to the very end while having a clear overview of all sales activities. Including your partner network.

3. Improved HelpDesk with unlimited client tickets

In Easy Software, we like to think about project management in a broader context – the project evolution in our view should also involve the aftercare after the product is delivered. We call this approach customer-centric project management.

With this in mind, we developed a new improved HelpDesk. The tool offers an improved interface for your clients, and for one fixed price you get an unlimited amount of client tickets.

4. Smooth experience

What do the new technologies mean? The new version offers significantly more speed, stability, and performance – it responds quickly and lets you get more work done in less time. As hinted at in the introduction, the work environment greatly affects our performance. That's why we focused on the performance of the software itself with "eleven". The new Easy Project is faster, has a simplified interface and its individual elements are better connected. Everything is designed so that the user does not fall out of the flow and can focus on what is important – the work itself.

To make the Easy Project experience as smooth as possible, we've prepared a better search with dynamic filters. These deliver more accurate results instantly – whether you're searching projects, tasks, or time records. And improved alerts make it even easier to navigate your projects. This means only one thing – instead of a "carpet bombing" of e-mails with every project detail, you get one regular overview of everything important.

"I could go on and on with the list of innovations and
improvements. But I would hate to keep you from realizing
your projects. I firmly believe that Easy Project 11+
will be useful for you to bring them to fruition."

Filip Morávek

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