Why a Salesperson Should Also Be a Good Project Manager

Length:4 minutes
Author:Adéla Sýkorová

You may have heard the phrase: "Project management is good only for the project managers, not the rest of us." This opinion may often originate from a fear of trying a new tool or simply a misunderstanding of it. But can project management techniques also benefit the sales team? And how to best utilize it when you aren’t a project manager?

Sales teams often “struggle” with the CRM platform they operate. Client contact information is not detailed enough, meeting notes are missing, or time is wasted creating duplicate records. And the inability to sync information across company tools may ultimately lead to the loss of a potential customer or sale. The more we know about our customer, the more likely we are going to close the deal. But is CRM the only thing a sales team needs to succeed?

Manage sales the same way as your projects?

At first glance, it may seem that the project team and the sales team don't have much in common. Their worlds are different and so are their goals. A project manager is budget-conscious, often meticulous, and constantly time-pressured. The business team representative, on the other hand, tends to be very outgoing with a confident demeanor. Yet the best salespeople can function as adept project managers who guide their team members to successfully meet their goals. In fact, the fundamentals of project skills are not that different from those of business development.

The sales team actually has the same needs as the project team. It needs to identify the right target, it needs to use resources efficiently and its pipeline contains various milestones. It can be said that the sales process is somewhat similar to the project management process. So is it possible for the sales team to achieve better results and improve efficiency by utilizing project management tools?

The project system works for, not against, you

Easy Project 11+ is a very flexible tool that can be customized to fit the unique workflow of the sales team. Client data is in one centralized location and easily accessible. This ensures that the sales team is always provided with the most up-to-date information. And what else in our new applications will the sales team benefit from?

  • Search 2.0

Easily and quickly finding the information or contact details you need is an important criterion for successful new business management. We have made our improved search in both applications several times faster. In addition, the clearer and more modern user interface allows you to stay on the page where you are working.

  • B2B CRM

One of the greatest assets for the sales team could be the all-in-one application. From one interface, you may manage sales, projects and communicate with your business partners. This makes the sales management more efficient and transparent, which will inevitably be reflected in the company's revenue. Our new version of B2B CRM is designed for better business management in middle- and large-sized B2B companies.

  • Mind Maps

Mind maps are not a tool used exclusively in project management. The sales team can use them when drawing up plans or when thinking about business negotiations.

Whether your company is large or small, whether your associates are technical pros or not, there's an app for every team that can help streamline the process. Perfect process management is Easy. Give it a try.

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