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Implementation services

1. General conditions

If not stated explicitly otherwise, all meetings are delivered through a virtual meeting solution. All participants shall attend individually and be equipped with a headset.

The scope of the packages is based on our best experience. Usually, this is a minimum scope of implementation. However, every implementation is unique and therefore additional time is sometimes needed, because of specific clients' requirements. Easy Project consultants can provide a spent time report on request.

If not stated explicitly otherwise, implementation is delivered in English; all documents and written documentation will be delivered in English.

2. General Provisions

2.1. New application versions

We develop and improve the application continuously. New versions are released in the following cycles:

  • A new version is released every three months
  • The development of a new version is frozen one month before its release so that it can be tested
  • Bug fixes are released every 14 days

Your suggestions related to the application development will be implemented in cases where they are beneficial to the majority of our clients and in compliance with our product development strategy. Our goal is to make project management easier.

2.2. Collaboration process

We appreciate open communication. We are entering a mutual process of implementing new software in your company. We believe it is beneficial to both sides if we share important information openly and on time.

The communication may be carried out by email, online meetings, phone calls and personal meetings. For the successful completion of the implementation process, mutual communication on the operational level is needed. For this reason, each party should react quickly when contacted by their counterparts. We are usually able to react within two working days.

During the implementation, the consultant will collaborate with our other internal departments. Resolutions of issues which are not directly related to the implementation will be delivered to you by our support team. If there is a need for an intervention on the client’s server or another server-related consultation the communication will be passed to our server support specialists. If you are not fully satisfied with the work of our support departments during the implementation, please advise your consultant. Your feedback is important to us.

2.3. Prepaid MANDAYS (MD) and reporting of the spent time

The information on the number of prepaid MANDAYS can be found in the introductory table of this protocol. The implementation is usually carried out remotely. If you prefer personal meetings it is possible to arrange them in the Easy Software offices. Should you prefer to arrange meetings at your premises, it is possible to cover the travel expenses from the prepaid budget (the implementation scope). Travel costs might be also invoiced separately. We charge the whole time spent travelling from/to customer premises by the consultant.

The spent time reports are typically sent to the client when approximately half of the implementation MANDAYS from the prepaid budget is spent and then when the last few hours are left. A consultant provides, separately from the time report, a proposal on how to spend the remaining hours.

The implementation consists of the following phases. The sum of the time spent on each phase is equal to the total prepaid budget of MANDAYS. The lowest time value charged to the customer is 0,25 hour.

  • Initial analysis
  • Initial online meeting
  • Configuration of the application (the work effort depends on the complexity of the requirements of the settings)
  • Training
  • Additional requirements on the configuration
  • Support during the implementation and testing during implementation (emails, phone calls)

Specifically, the following activities are covered by the MANDAYS from the prepaid budget:

  • Time the consultant spent working on your implementation, configuring your application
  • Analysis of your requirements
  • Internal consultations of your requirements
  • Required consultations
  • Drawing different scenarios of how to implement your requirements
  • Preparation and updates of the implementation protocol
  • Implementation-related meetings and phone calls
  • Training
  • Email communication with the consultant
  • Organization, planning and scheduling the meetings
  • Coordinating internal departments if their involvement is needed (Support, server specialist)
  • Time of the consultant spent on the journey (unless it is paid separately, see the first paragraph)
  • Management of the implementation project
  • If certain system behaviour is reported as a bug but is eventually proven to be correct the time the consultant spent dealing with this request is also covered by the budget
  • Work of server specialists on your server
  • Work of server specialists dealing with your requests

The following activities are not covered by the prepaid budget and hence not paid by the client:

  • Work of the support team
  • Fixing possible bugs

2.4. Increase of the prepaid budget

It is possible to increase the budget of prepaid MANDAYS only after your confirmation. The MANDAY (MD) rate is from 590 EUR/USD without VAT. An increase to the prepaid budget is usually necessary because of the following reasons:

  • It turns out, after the introductory analysis, that the original estimate of implementation MANDAYS was too low. The consultant will provide you with an updated estimate of activities to be done to complete the implementation. This plan will also show which activities, in particular, need more attention (MANDAYS) than originally estimated
  • If you wish to be informed about spent time more often than in the paragraph above.
  • It is not possible to implement your requirements in the standard application interface thus a custom development is needed.
  • The support on your server was not taken into consideration for the implementation MANDAYS estimate but is nevertheless required.
  • Additional training is required (which was not accounted for in the original estimate)
  • It becomes evident during the implementation process that the number of prepaid MANDAYS is not enough to satisfy all your requirements.

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