Project e-mail notifications and overall activity


How to set project notifications and overall activity

You can have control over the notifications which are being sent to you. To set the default notifications, navigate to Administration » Settings » E-mail notifications. Here you can set a notification e-mail address (FROM). This address doesn´t have to exist, whatever you enter will appear as the e-mail sender. However, make sure it has a correct e-mail form: To hide notification recipients in bcc, just tick the checkbox "Notification recipients in bcc". If you prefer plain-text notification e-mails instead of standard HTML-formatted e-mails, tick the checkbox "Plain text mail (no HTML)".

Select actions for which e-mail notifications should be sent.

You are also able to personalize the e-mail a bit by adding a header and footer.

A user is also able to modify the notification settings by himself on his user profile (if he has permission to edit his profile).

Default events for overall activity on a project

To configure which types of activity should be visible in the "Overall activity" view of a project by default, navigate to Administration » Settings » Projects » Default events for overall activity. Here you check the requested activity types and save them.

To see the "Overall activity" view of a project, add module "Project controls" to your project overview page and select the option "Overall activity".

The activity types are pre-selected according to your default settings but you can always overrule these default settings manually for a specific project.

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