Would you like to use Easy Project for advanced project management and integrate it with another system that you use for your company operations? 

Can be integrated with:

Logos API

Logos API

and more!

Thanks to API integration you can do advanced project management in Easy Project and then easily forward those tasks to your development team that, uses JIRA or create leads in your Easy Project CRM module from the Mautic marketing automation tool. Use all your favorite tools and always have them synchronized.


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Technical Details:

Easy Project has a complex API (application programming interface) that enables easy integration with other systems. REST API provides the following operations: read, create, edit, delete.

REST API operates with the following Easy Project entities: 

  • tasks
  • projects
  • project templates
  • time entries
  • users
  • user groups
  • incomes and expenses (project budgets entities)
  • attendance entries
  • contacts
  • CRM cases

Complex interactive documentation of Easy Project REST API can be found

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