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Easy project API specification


Easy Project support  API in most of its entities => it is integrable with any application that also supports  API. This article is about where you can find Easy Project API specification directly in your Easy Project.

General information about Easy Swagger

API specification/documentation is a part of every application (from 10.14 LTS and all higher versions).

You can find it under URL [my_application_url]/easy_swagger

It is an interactive tool, which also allows testing every command with real data => BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN TESTING ON PRODUCTION DATA. In fact, avoid it if possible.

In case you don't have an application yet, (please start a trial), you can also find the specification at https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis-docs/easysoftware/EasyProject/


If the URL /easy_swagger does not work (404), go to Administration >> Plugins >> Find Swagger - Edit.

Make sure the feature is activated.

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