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Past project management webinars by Easy

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  • PRINCE2 in Easy Project (English, 2. 10. 2018)

    Why sink into chaos with a costly set of unsynchronized management tools? Easy Project offers you an all-in-one management solution that will help you on every management stage using PRINCE2 methods and can be adjusted to your company's and environment's needs.
  • Triple imperative (Russian, 25. 9. 2018)

    Every project is defined, at the very least, by 3 crucial characteristics. When managed with proper level of attention and precision, the delivery will be a breeze...
  • Easy Project Community (English, 13. 9. 2018)

    Easy Community gathers Easy users from all around the world in one place, perfect for sharing experience and getting advice from IT experts, admins and regular users. Download and share project templates, dashboards, and custom modifications.
  • Triple imperative (French, 5. 9. 2018)

    Every project is defined, at the very least, by 3 crucial characteristics. When managed with proper level of attention and precision, the delivery will be a breeze...
  • Easy Project Integrations (English, 31. 7. 2018)

    Are you looking to import data into Easy Project or are you looking to integrate a software you already use with your Easy Project? Learn more about data import and integrations we offer, such as API and Zapier.
  • Easy Project Affiliate Program (English, 3. 7. 2018)

    Join Easy Project Affiliate Program and learn how to make extra money recommending Easy Project to your clients and your contacts.
  • Easy buttons (English, 19. 6. 2018)

    Easy buttons are the fastest way of updating your tasks and tickets. Just drag selected task and drop it on an Easy button. And its automatically updated.
  • Knowledge Base (English, 5. 6. 2018)

    Keep and share the knowledge gained during project implementations and use it for further realizations, recommend knowledge to users, assign them to tasks.
  • Help desk (English, 22. 5. 2018)

    Get an integrated Help Desk solution within your Easy Project. Tickets can be submitted through e-mail or directly into the system via the client’s account and are stored in the Help Desk with defined SLA, pre-paid hours, etc.
  • Agile - Scrum, Kanban (English, 9. 5. 2018)

    Manage user stories and sprints with Easy Project. Easily update sprint using drag & drop during your stand up meeting and create personal scrum boards for scrum master and other workers.
  • Resource Management (English, 24. 4. 2018)

    With Easy Project Resource Management, you can identify user expertise, make sure that all workers are optimally loaded, and guarantee that all resources are utilized efficiently.
  • New version of Easy Project (English, 10. 4. 2018)

    This is a video overview of new features in the latest version of Easy Project.
  • Iron Triangle - WBS, Gantt, Resource Management (English, 27. 3. 2018)

    The iron triangle is actually a very simple representation of the key elements needed for successful project planning: scope, time and cost/resources.


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