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How to Make Skills Management From Resource Management Easily

3 minutes
Lukáš Beňa

You don't need to have a separate tool for skills management when you already have a resource management tool. Don't you believe? Here's the proof.

Skills management represents the method of comprehension, development and deployment of human sources and their skills. Properly conducted skills management in an organization provides you with an ability to identify the skills required by various working roles, the skills of individual workers, and any gap between the two.

Key benefits of skills management

  • identification of skills required by various working roles
  • overview of skills of individual workers
  • identification of tasks requiring a particular skill
  • overview of missing skills that need to be acquired by recruitment
  • building skills management strategy

In Easy Project, skills management is not a native feature but you still have an opportunity to make Resource Management perform as if it was. How? It's pretty simple yet a very useful thing. First off, create a custom field on a user's entity and give it a name of the desired skill, such as programming or debugging. 

Easy Project custom fields

In our above example, we have named this "Skill 1" field and set the "boolean" type, so there are only two values: yes or no (=user have/haven't this skill). If you need to distinguish skill levels such as beginner, advanced, and expert, then the list type would suit you better as it could contain an unlimited number of values.

In the second step, create one more custom field for tasks indicating which tasks require this particular skill. For example, name it "Skill 1 required?" and once again set "boolean" type with optional values "yes" or "no".

Then you need to create and save a custom filter in Resource Management that will only show the users possessing skill 1 and the tasks requiring skill 1 as per below example.

Easy Project custom filters

Now, the filter is created. We recommend setting it as "Tagged in heading" in order to facilitate quick access directly from the heading of global Resource Management. Just click on the tag and you immediately see the list of users with skill 1 and the tasks requiring skill 1.

It is as easy as that. This way you get a perfect skills management tool ready for instant use anytime.

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