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Introducing New Test Cases Plugin for a Professional Test Management

2 minutes
Lukáš Beňa

Keep an eye on your entire product testing process with Easy Project. Test Cases plugin gives you such a capability with cost-effective and sophisticated test management.

A brand new Test Cases plugin for Easy Project is now available to purchase via the Customer Portal. It is an extension providing cost-effective, highly sophisticated test management capabilities right inside your Easy Project.

With the plugin, you acquire a powerful tool for developers, testers, and the entire project team, giving them a list of desired features, bugs to be worked on as well as reports on testing done. One can hardly imagine a thing that gets him better prepared at every stage of the product development lifecycle to design, plan, build and launch a product you can be proud of.

New Easy Project Test Cases plugin is an ultimate tool that enables:

  • Create, view, edit and delete test cases and test case executions
  • A single test case can include an unlimited number of test case executions
  • Global and project levels of test cases
  • Write testing scenarios and expected results
  • Mark test case executions with pass/fail result
  • Link test cases with related tasks
  • Filter test cases and test case executions as per your criteria
  • Export test cases and test case executions into good-looking reports
  • Adding custom fields to test cases and test case executions
  • CSV/XML import to easily import test cases from a different test management software

Key benefits of the Easy Project Test Cases plugin:

  • Full-featured test management
  • Ability to create and modify tests
  • Better traceability with the linkage between stories, test cases, and bugs in the test cycles
  • Test cases can be imported from XML/CSV formats
  • Multiple test iterations with multiple cycles can be created
  • Possible to create customized filters

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