Say Hello to the New Easy Project 11+ (Feature Overview)

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Author:Lukáš Beňa

New Mind Maps, B2B CRM, Enhanced HelpDesk for your clients, Search 2.0, and High Contrast Theme. Are you ready for a decent load of news coming up with an upgraded version of the popular PM solution Easy Project 11+? Read on to learn more about all the new features for project management and other key business needs in one app.

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Over the past years, Easy Project has become the perfect tool for managing tasks, projects, and even whole companies. This PM solution is trusted by the top players in different industries all over the world as well as medium-sized businesses and teams. Don't miss an opportunity to make your work easier and smarter by upgrading to Easy Project 11+ along with all the new features it brings. Now, let's get to the overview of new features.

Mind Maps – Organize Your Ideas for a Clearer Head

Have you been looking for better planning, brainstorming, and creation of project and process diagrams? We bring a perfect solution – Mind Maps in one app with other tools. You can use them to organize your thoughts about any project.

Unlike WBS, they are designed more for the initiation and analysis phase of a project when it is not yet necessary to create tasks and collaborate but, above all, to analyze and think about all parts of the project or process. They are an invaluable helper for better project planning, a cleaner head thanks to the sorting of ideas, unlocking of creatives, and also in brainstorming where they allow you to clearly show the breakdown and design of a process or project.

A new task can be created straight from the mind map node or ideas can be connected with already created tasks.

Mind Maps in Easy Project 11+

Mind Maps in Easy Project 11+

B2B CRM – What You Sell, You Can Manage

The completely new B2B CRM is designed for better business management in medium and large B2B companies using Easy Project and their partners. It allows your sales team to track opportunities from a lead to a contract, generates user-defined performance statistics, and helps to boost your overall sales performance.

You can easily link contacts to projects and tasks. In combination with CRM case statuses and other addable custom fields, it represents an ideal tool for overall business performance monitoring.

B2B CRM is a bundle of various features for account and contact management, lead and campaign management, lead distribution management, opportunity, and pipeline management, partner and re-seller management, and so on.

B2B CRM in Easy Project 11+

B2B CRM in Easy Project 11+

HelpDesk Users – Unlimited Number of External Users´ Requests

This is an extension of the HelpDesk module with an interface for external clients who are now also able to enter and manage their requests through the HelpDesk. This extension enables the division of users in the HelpDesk into internal users (i.e. users of our client) and external users (i.e. users of our client's client) for whom a completely new interface is now prepared.

The external users can enjoy easy login, ticket creation and management. The internal users might then look forward to a better overview of tickets as well as an unlimited number of external users (under license) who enter their tickets.

HelpDesk Users in Easy Project 11+

HelpDesk Users in Easy Project 11+

Search 2.0 – Faster and Smarter In-App Search for Smooth Work

We've accelerated our in-app search by utilizing new technology Xapian and moving away from an older version of Easy Project search. It is now more than 10x faster and also offers a clearer and more modern UI of search results in a modal view, which allows you to stay on the page where you work and search in the application simultaneously.

Search 2.0 in Easy Project 11+

Search 2.0 in Easy Project 11+

High Contrast Theme – More Accessible Application for Everyone

We have heard the requests of many users and added this extra mode to our product. You can switch the application to the high-contrast interface mode, which serves for better visibility and is designed especially for users with tired or impaired vision. It brings a better overview and more comfortable work with the application.

High Contrast Theme in Easy Project 11+

High Contrast Theme in Easy Project 11+

Why, how, and when to upgrade to Easy Project 11+?

Why? The new „11+“ version is faster, more stable, safer, and makes your everyday work more enjoyable. See all the Easy Project 11+ benefits together.

How? The upgrade is simple and guided by our documentation. Surely, if you need any help, do not hesitate to contact us.

When? Server clients can manually upgrade from any older versions already. Cloud clients will soon be upgraded automatically. We recommend reading the full version changelog before upgrading.

What not to forget? Watch our webinar recording – you will see all the cool features of the newest version!

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