Trends 2021: Where Is Project Management Headed in Companies?

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Author:Jakub Ryba

A  turbulent 2020 changed what was considered normal up until that point. How much was 2021 different from 2020 and how did companies struggle with the new challenges? Read about the most significant trends in project management, which come from a survey of 115 international managers. You can gain inspiration for managing your own projects.

The last two years have been full of changes for most companies and their employees: working from home, which caused the need for more trust in teams and new work processes; constant budget changes and laying off and hiring new employees.

Last year was a year of acceleration

2021 was stronger than 2020. Total financial turnover and employee rewards were higher. 7 out of 10 managers evaluated 2021 as better than 2020, without regard to work sector or how big their company is. Not even the country where the company is changes this fact. For 50% of companies, last year surpassed even pre-COVID 2019 in financial turnover.

Where Is It Headed in Companies?

Quality people are the key to success

Incomplete projects were most often the result of a lack of human resources. Even though a third of companies were able to hire new employees, quality people are still a valuable commodity. Companies see a solution for this problem primarily in better planning and more effectively putting a team together based on the individual needs of the project. It is important to not underestimate the selection of individual members of the team and observe how their cooperation is going.

Manage projects remotely? Easy!

Most companies last year were able to deliver projects better than in 2020. In the first year of the pandemic, 39% of managers struggled with managing projects remotely. There was a major leap in 2021, where 84% of managers said that remote project managing suited them. Managers gradually got used to managing projects remotely and are more satisfied with them.

During last year, companies started working on improving project culture and they want to continue with it this year. This is primarily due to the development of specialized teams and the more frequent involvement of company management in projects.

Where Is It Headed in Companies?

The recipe for successful remote project managing

Trust in the team and the responsibility of individual members is an essential ingredient for a long-term functional group. Besides that, it is necessary to think about regular feedback, which can help move the team forward. What other things influenced the successful completion of projects last year? And what role do individual factors, including project tools, play in it?

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